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Vietnamese House (San Gabriel)

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DSC04108.jpgThe popular Golden Deli Vietnamese Restaurant on Las Tunas has attracted never shrinking crazy crowd since I knew of it 15 years ago. Maybe because of recent mainstream press coverage, the crowd seems even more insane. You’d still be waiting in lines around 3:30pm. This time we were about to collapse in hunger and heat that we finally went across the street to try their sister restaurant, Vietnamese House.

Very salty Salted Plum Drink and the good Salted Lemon Drink. The Bun with Springroll and skewers are very good! The springrolls are as good as the ones at Golden Deli. The menu seems similar as well. I haven’t try enough things to compare the differences. So there’s always the other destination if you can’t handle the lines at Golden Deli.

Though, the week after we went back to line up at Golden Deli…

Update from condiment: Vietnamese House is sold. The actual sister restaurant to Golden Deli now is Saigon Flavor down on Valley near Del Mar. Thanks~

Vietnamese House
710 W Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776-1156

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3 Responses to “Vietnamese House (San Gabriel)”

  1. condiment says:

    Vietnam House was sold, and is no longer affiliated with Golden Deli – the menu is still pretty similar, but the cooking has slipped a bit. The actual sister restaurant to Golden Deli now is Saigon Flavor down on Valley near Del Mar.

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  3. Freda says:

    Hi Condiment, thanks for letting me know! I’m gonna try Saigon Flavor asap woohoo!!

    Kamarulzaman Suief, sorry for getting back at you for so late. I’m not interested in link exchange, thanks for the offer.