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Uzbekistan (Sunset Blvd)

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Joan went to the restaurant Uzbekistan for breakfast earlier this month. This time we’re bringing a group of 7 to try more of their Eastern European food! We’ve witnessed an odd extreme difference between the insane amount you get from their $8 Lunch speical v.s. the rather pricey (but really good) entrees.

Since everything sound exotic so we tried a sampler plate Assorted Cold Appetizers $14 Taslikent, saute, cabbage salad, chicken roulette. Everything is very tasty, light yet flavorful. I especially like chicken roulette (the pate thing I assume). Even though 7 of us share this, we still had half a plate left to take home.

Two people at our table got their $7.95 Lunch specials. The nonstop and huge portion of ‘courses’ had everyone astounded. First it started with 1. Bread and Spread, then followed with:
2. Soup of the Day – Vegetable soup I notice they used a lot of dill for their flavors. 3. Salad Combo.
4. Samsa with Potato and 5. Liver Kebob. Not in picture but it comes with 6. Vanilla ice-cream at the end too. All these for only $7.95~ Yes these are all for one person only

I got the same thing Joan got last time, it’s the cold appertizer Blini with Caviar and Cured Salmon $16 Too good, too good~~

The Entrees are definitely on the pricey side (almost all are over $20) but they all sound so delicious.
One person from our group got the Oxtail Stew $24. There’s a burner underneath to keep the stew cooking while served. It’s so tender and melty, absolutely delicious~

Karsky Kabob $28 – lamb chops on a skewer is amazing. Beef Strogonoff $24 – slices of filet mignon and mushrooms over fries. Very creamy and rich. Everything is so good here.

One surprisingly note: the plate presentations of some of the entrees are surprisingly ‘highend’ looking. There’re still so many things on menu to try here.

Uzbekistan 323-464-3663
7077 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028
(in the mall at where La Brea cross Sunset)

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3 Responses to “Uzbekistan (Sunset Blvd)”

  1. tomoko says:

    oh my gosh, I get full just looking
    at the photos…!!!
    (They all look really good, though ^0^)

  2. seat says:

    The Oxtail Stew and Beef Strogonoff look good! You get so much vegetables too.
    Maybe if you are ordering the entrees, you should go for dinner? $24 is not bad for a dinner entree.

  3. Freda says:

    Yeah seems like it’s the same menu for dinner and lunch. The portion is definitely dinner size.