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Bloom Cafe (Pico)

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Fed up with not able to find parking around the West 3rd street neighbourhood due to the fact that all the street parking require permits, we headed south onto Pico Blvd to the Wilshire Vista neighbourhood as we vaguely remember seeing some interesting looking eateries there. And viola! There’s the cozy Bloom Cafe. I like the brightly sun-lit interior (esp. the retro chairs) which gives a “healthy” vibe to the place. I also love the beautiful framed large scale photographs they displayed on the walls a lot.

They have an extensive breakfast menu, I got the special of the day frittatas that was highly recommended by the server. And he was right, it was extremely delicious. The firttatas is so multi-flavored and light at the same time. The texture is fluffy and the fresh tasting shows that it’s made of good fresh ingredients. The corn salad side is really good too.

Jon got the Morrocan Lamb Pita: diced lamb with sautee cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, served with minted yogurt ($11). Flavorful, fresh and light tasting and flavorful, good!

Jon also got the Cleanser: apple, lemon, ginger, spinach ($5) crushed mint lemonade. ($3.5), minty refreshing.

They have a dinner menu too which I want to try. They also have a deli section on the other side of the restaurant that seem worth to check out.

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One Response to “Bloom Cafe (Pico)”

  1. seat says:

    Frittata looks like a quiche, but it is actually an omelette? Looks healthy with lots of veggy. Oh the cleanser sounds yummy, too bad I don’t have a blender!