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Fauchon (Paris: Place de la Madeleine)

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At place de la Madeleine (8 eme), the 2 floors chichi gourmet delicatessen Fauchon easily fulfilled many foodies’ unrealistic Parisienne gourmet fantasy ^_^. As soon as we walked in, our eyes were dazzled by extremely pretty delicate gourmet treats. On the left side there’s a bakery and sitting area. There are take out sandwiches, desserts and bake goods for purchase.

Foie gras with cranberry and hazelnut sandwich. Very delicious! I like the high quality zip bag which the sandwich came with. If you cannot finish the sandwich (since the portion is generous) you can put it back into the zip bag and keep it fresh for later in the day, which is what we ended up doing. Also got a canele which is very good, we came back here for another day and bought a bag full and ate them while sight seeing. The dessert Chocolate mousee is also incredibly delicious! So smooth and not too sweet, very unforgettable.

We came back another day to have a light lunch as we had a heavy dinner the night before. Salmon Millefeuille and unfortunately I forgot what the yellow thing is. Both are extremely fresh and refine tasting. Nothing makes me more happy than eating a delicate refine gourmet treats that also can fill you up. They’re about 6 or 7 euro each.

The cakes look amazing.
Salmon with gold flakes! 2nd floor is where they sell their products, like spices, chocolates, cookies, wine, pate, tea leafs, coffee…many many stuffs.
Cute valet guy 🙂 There’s a Fauchon in New York as well. I haven’t been to so I’m not sure if it’s just a store that sell their products or if they have a gourmet deli sections like the Paris one.

26 place de la Madeleine, 8e
Métro: Madeleine

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8 Responses to “Fauchon (Paris: Place de la Madeleine)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Back home in Japan we have Fouchon outlet in the basement of Sogo department store- they are DELICIOUS!!!!!

  2. seat says:

    You went to Fauchon?!! It is a well-known name in Japan(well among gourmet-lovers). My god I want to eat that Salmon Millefeuille!! XD!!!! How come you only tried the mousse but not the cakes?

  3. Chubbypanda says:

    The millefeuille looks crazy-good. So many layers!

  4. Freda says:

    Yeah seems like every gourmet brand in Paris (Chocolatier, Patisserie, gourmet deli..etc.) have establishment in Japan ^^;; Seat have you been to the Fauchon in Japan?

    Ah everyday we planned to have lunch at certain spot where we wanted to visit as well, then afternoon tea/cake at another place for our next stop…that’s why we didn’t get cakes at Fauchon because we were planning to go to this Patisserie. Turns out, it no longer exist! Oh my..that was the harshiest day for my feet…all those walking and hunting to this neighborhood and …no cake! T__T I’m sure if it were you, you would eat cake anyway~ ^^;; but my stomach can’t handle too much food. I regret a lot~ wish I tried their cakes! (the mousse cake was so good already~)

  5. seat says:

    I don’t think there is a proper Fauchon delicatessen store in Japan, but there are many shops/counters in department stores. Actually I only know Fauchon for their tea and ice-cream which is sold in convenience stores~

    You know I don’t eat as much as before…especially cakes…I still eat more than most people though. ^^;;;

  6. Freda says:

    I don’t think I saw their ice cream in the Paris store. Seems like many pastries chef who once work in Fauchon had open their patisseries in Paris and became famous.

  7. RP says:

    Gosh, such eye candy shop! How can people stay slim having plenty of this kind of places around them ^^;;?? I think I want to try every single cake shown in your pix~~~

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are Fauchon Cookie stores (cookies and small pastries) in Chiba