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Le Bar a Soupes (Paris: Bastille)

By in 01: Paris

After rich French food every night (in addition Freda got fever and threw up), we got pretty exhausted. We can’t possibly go eat light gourmet deli food everyday. While strolling in Bastille (my favorite neighborhood in Paris) we saw Le Bar A Soupes.

A set of Bread (plain, sesame or poppyseed) + Soup + Dessert or Cheese + Coffee or Wine for 9 euro~ Everyday they have 6 different soups to choose from.

I was told it’s Mixed-Vegetable Soup, deliciously healthy tasting. I don’t know what my dessert is, taste like Fig Pudding

Joan had the Bloody Mary Tomato Soup (a bit vodka-y, flavorful and not too sour) and the dessert is Carrot Puree (healthy tasting).

DSC05076.jpgCafe. I heard that they have outlets at New York and Toronto too? It’s a very much needed break from the heavy French food we’ve been consuming. I wish we have this near where we work…it’d make an awesome everyday lunch!

Le Bar A Soupes
33 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris

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3 Responses to “Le Bar a Soupes (Paris: Bastille)”

  1. seat says:

    Wow Bloody Mary Soup! Interesting~
    It is good that you managed to find this gourmet soup place for light meals and not “wasted” the precious meal chance.

  2. Freda says:

    yup, I’ve already wasted quite a bit of lunches at shitty Museum cafeteria~ 🙁 (and *shame* I wasted one night at some cheesy vietnamese-chinese restaurant for congee…that sick night…and it was horrible~ oily and just rice in water).

  3. RP says:

    The shop front is so cute it’s almost cartoon-ish ^^;; I would’ve never guessed that these soups taste good judging from their color and texture!