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Le Baratin (Paris: Belleville)

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We went to lunch at Le Baratin, so that we can also see Belleville, a historically working-class + immigrant + multi-ethnic neighborhood. It’s very sleepy during the day, as it’s more of a nightlife area.

Le Baratin is a very homely feel bistro + winebar. It has a good selection of organic wine (very good). 3 course for 15 euro. The Argentinian chef Raquel changes the menu daily. The food are classic bistro with a touch of fusion.

1st course: my Calf’s Tongue Terrain and Joan’s
Eggplant and Bellpeppers. (I’ve been eating way too much calf’s heads this trip)

My main course Curry Lamb shank is an absolute delight in taste and aroma. The lamb are cooked very tender and juicy and deep with flavor. The Moroccan (?) curry spice isn’t overwhelming, just enough to compliment the flavor, espeically with the green onion. I enjoyed every single bite and wipe the plate clean with breads.

Joan’s main course Stuffed Cabbage Roll. The cabbage roll was juicy and soft. The sauce is flavorful and light. The dessert Flan is a bit predictable and simple, but still good~

Not fancy, but the food are cooked with very good and fresh ingredients. The taste is simple but very delicious. This place is said to be a favorite eatery of many Paris’s chefs, in fact I read about this place from the madame owner of a certain Michelin 2-star high end restaurant. I’ve read that Le Baratin’s chef specialized in a Crispy Pork which wasn’t on the menu on the day we went, so keep your eye open for it if you go.

Le Baratin
3 rue Jouye-Rouve, 20th Arrondissement

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4 Responses to “Le Baratin (Paris: Belleville)”

  1. Chubbypanda says:

    I admire haute cuisine, but I’m really more of a bistro bear.

  2. seat says:

    That is the most meaty cabbage roll I have ever seen. ^^;;;; Calf’s Tongue Terrain is so much!! 5 slices!! Did you order wine too? I don’t think I can stomach that much meat without wine.

  3. seat says:

    Ooops, you did say you had wine ^^;;;
    Were you drunk everyday having wine with your meals?

  4. Freda says:

    The cabbage roll was at least 5-6 inches tall ^^;;;
    They don’t seem to eat much veggie there so I figure they must have balance their diet with wine…so I make sure I have a glass everytime ^^;;