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Ord Noodle (Thai Town)

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Back to LA restaurants. Post-Paris both of us had fallen ill and it took awhile for us to recover to start enjoying good food around LA again.
We craved Thai food for various reasons. Instead of old favorites we tried Ord Noodle which we haven’t been to before. I like the interior a lot, just hip enough without being “designy”. The walls are decorated with pictures of their original restaurant (more like a noodle stall) in Thailand. Ord noodle specialize in noodle soup but they offer some rice and fried noodle dishes as well. We’ve gone back here 2 more times ever since and all the noodle soups we’ve tried so far are excellent!

Noodle Duck soup. Very very good! Compare with other places I’ve tried (ex: Ruin pair, RCA), Ord’s is more “Thai” tasting. The soup is more sour and have more spices (like fried garlic), which I like a lot. I also like that there’re vegetable and the duck meat selection is slightly better. For spicy level I got mild but it was still a little too spicy for me so if your tolerate level is not that high then best to ask for no spice at all. After I finished this bowl I craved more immediately. I went back the next day and order it again.

Ord Noodle, #1 on the menu is their signature dish. Apparently it’s a famous Northern Thai dish. There’s fish ball (good), ground pork, Chinese barbacue pork, pork liver, dried shrimp and fried garlic…etc. I love the soup, multi-flavors with nice blend of sweet, sour and saltiness with the subtle taste of liver and cilantro.

DSC06264.jpgForgot the name but it’s #2 on the menu. It’s noodle soup with beef ball, tendon, tripe and liver. The beef ball is good. The soup is similar tasting to #1 but with more beef flavor.

DSC06244.jpgForgot the name of this, it’s soup with shrimp dumplings, fish ball, barbaque pork.

Everything is cheap. Noodle soup are around $5 and it’s $3 for smaller bowl. If you want to try more than one noodle it’ll be good to get the smaller ones which I’ll probably be doing the next time I go. Their drinks (i.e. Thai ice tea, ice coffee) are only $1. Ord Noodle is my most favorite place in Thai town now, too bad they don’t open late at night. Highly recommend!

Ord Noodle
5401 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 468-9302

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2 Responses to “Ord Noodle (Thai Town)”

  1. seat says:

    The noodles looks so good! Especially the duck and the beef ones. After I came back from HK I got sick too. The first meal I had after I got back to Japan was wonton noodles and the second meal was chinese congee. ^^;;;

  2. Freda says:

    Haha, I had two weeks of congee after Paris. Moreover, I have a mysterious toothache that is cause by gum infection of some sort. I had a minor scare…but seeems like it’s cause by fatigue and sleeping too late (so since I started to sleep very early the pain’s gone). It’s only the past week that I started eating solid food again.