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La Tia Catrina (Puerto Vallarta: Zona Romantica)

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Jon got sick toward the end of the trip so we couldn’t go more adventurous on dining. We found a small charming corner place at the Zona Romantica area that has interesting small plates and affordable entree. There’re lots of cool Mexican crafts on the walls I love the vibe a lot, chill and hip.

I got the “La Tia Catrina” Paella. Mexican style paella! Very very delicious. It’s a lot more brothy than regular paella, basically rice in seafood soup. The soup was great and fresh tasting. They gave you generous amount seafood: scallops, mussells, fish, clam. There’s also tomatos and lime in the soup, which gave it a Mexican twist. This concluded my dining experience in Puerto Vallarta. Back to LA!

La Tia Catrina
F. Madero # 202, crn. Pino Suarez

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2 Responses to “La Tia Catrina (Puerto Vallarta: Zona Romantica)”

  1. seat says:

    Perfect gourmet porridge for the uncomfortable stomach!

  2. tomoko says:

    hey Joan I saw your pic w/your BF!!!

    AAAAAhhhhh…so cute
    you look so pretty and happy!!^0^