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Siem Reap (Little Cambodia)

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Siem ReapWent to Long Beach few weekends ago to check out Little Cambodia. There’s still not very much there yet, only some restaurants and markets on several blocks. We settled into Siem Reap. It’s very spacious inside, suitable for wedding parties. TV monitors are everywhere playing Cambodian pop music show.

Siem Reap
Ground pork curry, served with cucumber, Khmer eggplant, cabbage, and green beans. The waitress recommended us this. Very strong flavor, a lot of fish sauce was used. It’s tasty but I find it a little too salty for my taste, though it’s good balance with the raw vegetables and rice.

Siem Reap
Beef Skewers. Very good! The barbarque sauce they use reminded me of Chinese’s “Char siu.”

Siem ReapThe Fish cakes have complex flavors, it was a little difficult to pinpoint what the tastes were. I could tell lots of lemongrass were used. The texture was mushy and paste-like, and surprisingly spicy. I’m not sure I like the taste. It’s interesting nonetheless.

I’m still a newbie when comes to Cambodian food. I want to try more, especially the noodle dishes. (The Tag cloud shows that we’re big fans of noodle 🙂 )

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4 Responses to “Siem Reap (Little Cambodia)”

  1. allison says:

    i went to siem reap a few months ago! we also had the amok (fish cakes) and beef skewers. i didn’t like amok; couldn’t get used to the texture but the beef skewers were tasty. my favorite dish was the lemongrass chicken; so delicious!

  2. david (modernist) says:

    freda, all these dishes are thai! most of the cambodian restaurants in little phnom penh will serve you thai, chinese and khmer dishes… if you want to try specifically khmer dishes you should ask them which ones..

    or you invite me next time!
    but the food looks really good….

  3. condiment says:

    Actually, the sweet beef skewers and the meat curry are Khmer, or at least Khmer-Chinese, and show up at every Cambodian restaurant in town – as well as in Phnom Penh. There are certainly Thai equivalents, but these are the real thing.

  4. Joan says:

    Condiment: thanks for the info! If you know any other good Cambodian restaurant please let us know.

    David: I think the fish cake (Amok) is a common dish in Khmer cuisine, it certainly doesn’t taste Thai or Chinese to me at all. But yeah, next time we gotta have you gotta lead the way…hehe..

    Allison: oh I will try the lemongrass chicken next time!