November 23, 2004 10

Amandine Patissiere (Westwood)

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We drove by this cute little bakery on the same street and settled there. And boy what a pleasant surprise! It is a Japanese-owned French cafe/bakery.


Ice tea $1.75, suprisingly good!
Iced Caramel Latte $3 Good!


Croque Madame $7.95. Ham Sandwich with Creamy cheese and egg on top. It sound normal but surprising taste very very good! The combine of creamy cheese, bread, ham and the raw egg york is so good!


Spinach Onion Potato Cheese Quiche $4.50 Portion too small~~ Very hot and creamy, nice.


Pear and raspberry cake $4.35


Strawberry tarte $4.25 Both very very delicious! The Pear one is a bit light tasting though. The Strawberry mousse was so good, the crust of the tarte is very crispy and fresh too.

This place is definitely on my list of most favorite restaurant! Though it’s kind of far. It’s located in a business area so there are lots of business men and women go there for lunch, the bakery seems very popular that there are occasionally queue.

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10 Responses to “Amandine Patissiere (Westwood)”

  1. seat says:

    Argh~~~~~Why didn’t you call before you go, especially when the place is so far away???? Doesn’t take that much effort to phone and ask “are you open?”, right? Lucky that you found a good alternative.

    Looks like you ate outside? Is there a garden there? The cakes look soooooo yummy! They look exactly like the kind of country-style cake you can find in cafes in Daikanyama(Joan, remember “Mama tarte” where we had pies and cakes?) The price is like 3 times cheaper in L.A. though.

    Yeah, no Starbucks is definitely a good sign!

  2. Freda says:

    I didn’t think of calling because I knew they were open (check online, the website didn’t say anything about it close)…I mean, a place you just saw with your eyes (which looked fine and well and running) few weeks ago you’d think it’d always be there right? ^^;;; I thought I was dreaming when I didn’t see it, but then recognize the same poles at the door that now got Tiki art painted all over…amazing how fast the transformation done within few weeks. From now on I’d know better, always call to make sure they still exist ^^;;;

  3. Joan says:

    Yeah I’ll make sure there’s a plan B too.

    oh we just sat by the window and the garden is the outside. Yeah yeah I remember “Mama tarte”, I love that place very much! You don’t seem to go to Daikanyama often now that you live in Odaiba huh?

  4. seat says:

    Freda >
    The fast opening fast closing-down of restaurants is so common in Japan that makes me paranoid enough to phone to confirm and make a booking(well not for lunch time but I never go far during lunch time) but I am surprised that restaurants in L.A. are so short-lived too… Maybe it wasn’t bad business but problem with the shop space’s contract renewal and stuff?

    Joan >
    It is a bit hard to casually drop by Daikanyama since it is a bit far(even before I moved) – I only went with you often when you were here and occasionally with other (very few) friends for food and shopping. But since I have joined the ML, I tend to select restaurants that are located in very remote/obscure places but with good quality of food and good price – Daikanyama is a bit expensive, and it is not like the clothes shop is affordable for me either, you know. ^^;;;

  5. tina says:

    this place looks really nice \*o*/ , do you have any picture of the cute chef?!! i havn’t being out for fine dining for a while. . . the house took over my pay check . . . but this place is nice and doesnt’ cost much, i should give it a try.

  6. Freda says:

    This place would be perfect if it’s conviniently located, like it’s perfect for UCLA students to causualy drop by have some cake and sandwich and take some bread home. For us it’s too long a drive~~ 🙁 Oh the cute chef…or waiter I’m not sure, he has the commanding aura and not having to do “heavy chore”, only take a cake to table and if he felt like he’d worked occasionally on cashier…so I assume he’s some sort of manager. His skin is soooo milky white and smooth, small face and delicate features..geez just so not fair~~ He kinda reminds me of a taller and cuter version of Jesse (from Artcenter/graphics/taiwanese/gay…do you know him? so yeah like that utter fragile feminine type that you can totally beat up ^^;;

  7. Joan says:

    I want to go back there too, especially for the tarte!
    Tina if you’re free at the weekends let me know, we can go there together!

  8. tina says:

    okay!!! i will let you know. plus i want to borrow cd from you guys. that will be perfect!!

  9. Joan says:

    We should go see “A very long engagement” this weekend~~~
    The Lammele at Santa Monica is already playing it!

  10. tina says:

    yeah, we should do that. i think sunday is better for me. how about you guys? we should ask grace too.