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Trdelnik (Prague: Old Town Square)

By in Prague

We’re back from Prague and Vienna!

Prague: Old Town SquareIMG_0848

Once we landed and settled in Prague, we headed straight to our first tourist destination: the Old Town Square. It was, of course, densely crowded with tourists waiting for the Astrological Clock’s hourly puppet show. While we were waiting for what turns out to be a rather laughable non-spectacle, we got lured by a wonderful sweet smell: Trdelnik, the traditional Czech pastry.


The Trdelnik were freshly made to order. They were made with a dough wrapped around a metal stick and grilled with sugar, vanilla and almonds toppings. Crispy and crusty on the outside and soft inside, the light sweetness and vanilla aroma is irresistible…it is SO good!

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11 Responses to “Trdelnik (Prague: Old Town Square)”

  1. Sandy says:

    Your photos bought back so many fond memories of Praha for me. I went there 11 years ago and still think about this wonderful dark Czech beer that I had there and cannot find anywhere else. Guess I’ll have to make a trip back soon.

  2. seat says:

    Welcome back!! XD!! 10 days went past so quickly…
    I remember the Astrological Clock, but don’t think I ever tried this pastry! Drooling already from your first post. Keep them coming~

  3. Freda says:

    For the traveler 10 days seems so LONG! I felt like I’ve been away for a month~~^^;;

    Prague is definitely a place I’d love to go back~~ According to guidebook, Prague’s restaurant scenes has evolve a lot since 10 years ago, there are more varieties now and more ‘refine’ establishments. I enjoyed pretty much everything I eat there~ I was worried before because people who’s been there long time ago told me how bad their food was… (and I’m not that crazy about beer either). But alas, we have a great time!

  4. valentine says:

    was it kinda cold there?
    seems like it from the way you’re dressed!

    the sweet looks good too!
    kinda like churros? but better tasting, I bet!

    but ahh~
    I would love to live in a town with those lovely
    stone pavements and buildings(´∀`)=3

  5. Freda says:

    Hey Val~ The whole city feels like a movie set, I feel like staying in an unreal movie set + fairytale world! 😀
    When it rained it was cold, but when it’s sunshine it’s hot…kinda like LA? ^^;; We were prepared though — we wore layers.

  6. joanh says:

    i just passed by there today and wanted to get one but didn’t. maybe tomorrow!!

  7. DALIA KATZ says:

    i found in the internet howto prepare this devine thing and now it will be in our menu too.just ask for TRDELNIK in Google and you will have it.

  8. whatever says:

    trdelnik is not a czech pastry and is not made on metal but on a wooden one …
    it is a traditional pastry in skalica(slovakia) and if you ever tried trdelnik there you would see what we call quality there

  9. whatever says:

    Trdelnik, its name comes from word TRDLO and trdlo is a WOODEN stick on which it is made

    Metal stick LOL

  10. pseudocognac says:

    ..WHAT..??.. trdeník is a traditional CZECH pastry..??..hehehehehehe..:D..NO, traditional SLOVAK pastry, protected by European Comission, sorry, czechs, you have just your tasty(??) beer, hehehe..:)..

  11. James says:

    That pastry looks yummy,not really fussed from where it is from. There is so much to do in Prague. End of the year, you have the Prague Christmas markets, something I will be visiting next year. Cant wait!