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Klub Architektu (Prague: Old Town)

By in Prague

We decided to have dinner at this restaurant that turns out to be in the cellar of an architect society’s building that also includes shop and museum. The entrance was an impressive gateway into a courtyard with a sign indicating their 3 Euro Lunch set menu. The interior of this pretty old building was slick and modern, quite a surprised.


This is the first of our many nights’ dining at a cellar or dungeon space. I guess this is common in Prague? The menu seems to be majority of ‘meat stew’ type with fruity sauce, and you can get sides such as Czech ‘dumplings’ to go with.


Zlaty Bazant. Really really nice, I prefer the dark beer (so flavorful and sweet)!


Czech Old fashioned svickova Beef Slices with Cream Sauce & Dumplings (290) Very heavy dish ordered by my friend. The ‘dumpling’ are more like ‘steam bun’ to me, they go perfectly well with the heavy meaty dish (the beer as well). There’s a slice of lemon underneath that little cream cheese. A bit peasant food feeling, my anemic friend devoured this in great satisfaction.


Beef Strips with Apple and Cream (170 Czh). Joan’s order. Surprisingly good! The beef strips are marinated thoroughly with flavors and cooked very tenderly. The sauce is very tasty though a bit salty (wash down with beer). It’s an absolute delight for someone who was starving for some juicy meat. Though I wished I got some side dumplings for palette balance.


Young lamb Steaks baked with bilberries, wild rose relish, rosemary & wild forest spices (290) The lamb is perfectly cook: very tender and not musky at all. The sauce is flowery and flavorful, very nice.


Young Lamb Steaks baked with Juniper Berries and delicious relish of Fig Raisins, Brandy, Honey Prunes (290) This is my order, the lamb is juicy and tender. The sauce is very sweet and yummy. The juniper berries gave a strong spicy+acidic kick to make the dish more surprising.


Traditonal Czech Sweet cheese with Fruit Dumpling dessert. The sweet cheese are like very thick yogurt and fruits are more like fruit jam/preserve, but the light sweetness+sourness is very lovely.

We enjoyed this meal very much, especially because they’re so simple yet tasty. I also appreciated those little vegetable ‘decor’ on the side (instead of steak-in-the-middle I was expecting). A pretty good start.

Klub Architektu

Betlémské nám. 5a, Prague 1

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5 Responses to “Klub Architektu (Prague: Old Town)”

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Potatomato! I just stumbled onto your blog today when I did a google search for Fauchon and pastries. It’s absolutely wonderful! I am a fellow foodie and am so envious of all the amazing places you get to travel to and eat in! My twin sister and I have a blog that is more fashion-focused (, but you guys have definitely inspired me to include more foodie entries.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joan says:

    Hi Lauren, thanks for the compliment, I’m glad that you found our blog.
    And you have a twin too! Just checked your blog, you guys got great taste! Love most of the clothes and jewelries on it!

  3. seat says:

    You are right – most dishes are stewed meat with fruit or cream sauce. The best combination though! I want to try those “dumplings” too~

  4. valentine says:

    I wanna try the dumplings too~
    it looks so cute!

    Did the beer taste different from conventional american ones?

  5. Freda says:

    I know that most Czech food are very un-refine and some are generally Plebeian food feel, but they made me so happy! 😀

    As a beer hater, I love the beer I had in Prague, does that shows the difference? 😉 They’re so flavorful and smooth!! American beer are usually served too icy and no taste.