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U Suteru (Prague: New Town)

By in Prague

After the first dinner at Klub Architektu we wanted to try more traditional Czech dishes. We found this old place at the New Town.

U SuteruU Suteru

The interior is also like a cellar. Krušovice beer. This is SO good! I have to say this is my favorite beer in Prague. I just fell in love with dark beer after this trip.

U Suteru

Garlic Soup, delicious! There’s a poached egg in the soup which further my friend’s impression of it tasting like instant noodle soup (no it doesn’t! ^^;;)

U Suteru

Beef Goulash Sutera style with eggs, onion, bacon and bread dumplings, 145 Czk. There are two different types of bread dumplings. Despite this being the signature central European dish, Joan said it didn’t leave her much impression other than it being ‘hearty’ (“just a regular beef stew~”). What impressed her more was how well it went with the beer.

U Suteru

Roasted Duck, bread dumplings, stewed red and white cabbage (Rotkraut and Sauerkraut). 145 Czk. Another signature Czech dish, it’s very delicious! The duck was deeply roasted with flavors, the meat was tender and moist. The stewed cabbages were very tasty too. Again I can’t stress enough how much the meal was enhanced by the beer.

U Suteru

Dessert: Plum Jam Bun (Cesky Kolac). Taste a bit like beignet~

Another hearty, tasty meal with very good beer~ (very cheap too!)

U Suteru 224 947120
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5 Responses to “U Suteru (Prague: New Town)”

  1. AndrewS says:

    While you’re in Prague hit Cerny Kohout- the Black Rooster- for a great fine dining take on Czech food.

    Also- make sure to hit the beer garden in the Municipal Building (in part Mucha designed)


  2. Joan says:

    Oh yes we did go to Cerny Khout! Entry coming up 🙂

  3. seat says:

    Don’t you get very stuffed from dark beer to eat though(I do)?

    When you mention instant noodle soup, I immediately get how it tastes(or not ^^;;).

    Is the food generally salty so you need to drink more beer? Do people drink wine with their meals?

  4. valentine says:

    now I remember why I have a fascination with the dumplings!!
    I’ve seen them in SVANKMAJER films (like Alice, Faust) and always
    wondered how it tastes like!!

    I agree about the beer!
    I’ve learnt lately that good beer is really good (not like budxxxser!)(≧ω≦)b

  5. Freda says:

    Yeah Seat, the food is more salty (and sour) or very fruity flavors, so they wash down well with beer. The dumplings taste like steamed bun (like Chinese bao), slightly a bit more chewy~ (i remember dumplings from Svankmajer’s LIttle Otik too 😉 ).

    Funny that one of the most famous historic brewery of Czech is called Budějovický Budvar = Budweiser Budvar…now we know where Bud get their name…