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Cerny Kohout (Prague: New Town)

By in Prague

We hiked a bit to locate this place. I read about Cerny Kohout (the black rooster) from a New York Times‘s article on the rise of Prague’s fine dining scene. Our budget allowed us to have one fine dining meal at Prague and turned out this place wasn’t that expensive.


The restaurant was downstairs in the cellar (again). The interior was homey and intimate. We made reservation but seems like it wasn’t a busy night that night. Their menu sounds very interesting, there’s clearly a strong French influence. They also offered an Old Czech tasting menu but it seemed too much food for us so we didn’t order.


Good Czech wine. Amuse Bouche: Cream cheese with Czech’s ham.


For the 1st course, Freda got the Old Prague Ham with rooster galantine serve with dry prune sauce and macerated orange.. A Czech-French dish. The prune sauce and the ham (taste like normal sandwich ham) made it more Czech. It’s good but the name did sound a lot more interesting than it taste.


My friend got the Rooster consommé with Grandma’s dumplings of goose liver and mushroom sediment and I, craving for vegetables, got the Radicchio salad with pears, walnuts and honey.


For the main course, Freda got the Filet of Deer with Chamomile Sauce, Light Grandma’s Bread pudding and Baked pear with Forest Fruits. 490 Czk. Very good! The deer meat was very tender and gamey (in a good way). The bread pudding was really good and it was a pleasant to find fruits stuffed inside the pear. There were so many items on the plate that Freda couldn’t finish everything. The Chamomile sauce added an interesting refreshing herbal aroma that balance with the “gamey” taste.


My friend and I got the Baked Duck Breast with Ham Foam, served with Bacon and Parsley Dumplings, black prune sauce flavored with Slivovice Brandy. 420 Czk. Delicious! The duck was cook well (medium rare). The prune sauce gave a good balance of citrus and sweetness with the saltiness from the bacon and ham foam. The dish felt refine and homey at the same time. It was so much food that I couldn’t finish everything.


My friend got Whole “Poussin” Chicken baked on Butter with mild herbs, served on mashed potatoes and peas, sauce of boletus forest mushrooms. 420 Csk. She loved it. The portion was also large so I was surprised she actually finished most of it.


Even though we were too full already but still got dessert: Old Bohemia Prune Dumplings sprinkled with “polonnaise” and a drop of prune sauce. I like the Prune Dumplings. They also gave us complimentary dessert (which we took home). A very satisfying meal.

Cerny Kohout (+420) 251681191
Vojtěšská 9, Praha 1

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5 Responses to “Cerny Kohout (Prague: New Town)”

  1. seat says:

    The food does look heavy, lots of meat(especially ham), even the desserts are fried stuff and pastry! But they all look delicious~ Is seafood not so common there?

  2. Freda says:

    Czech is so landlocked, so probably that’s why seafood is uncommon in their cooking. I think Czech cuisine in general lacks variety …I didn’t expect much before I go to Prague (guidebook saids: “the scene better now with more different country’s cuisine” ^^;;), but what they did with Czech’s traditional food and fusion with French here is quite nice. 🙂

  3. Freda says:

    Oh and vegetable is rare too (and vegetarian was non-existence until recently)…

  4. valentine says:

    I can understand how you were craving for veggies and fruits,
    from all the pics I’ve seen so far!!
    I would be too, after the meat heavy dishes~~ ( ̄∀ ̄)

    the pear looks cute!!

  5. Freda says:

    I know, I craved light tasting Asian food (ie: Pho) desperately while I was there…