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Hollmann Beletage Hotel Breakfast (Vienna: Inner Stadt)

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Other than good food and museums (satisfying for the Shiele and Klimit fans in us), one of the top highlights of our Vienna trip was the boutique hotel we stayed for 2 nights called Hollmann Beletage. We had a hard time finding reasonably price good vacation rental at Vienna and most mid range hotels were fully booked. So we went a little over our usual budget to stay at this designy boutique hotel for two nights. It was all worth it! The room cost 150 euro a night which is not horrible but the weak dollar made it worst. The price included breakfasts, oh my it was a satisfying experience! See more pictures of the boutique hotel on my flickr.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel  Hollmann Beletage Hotel
Love the beautiful dining room for breakfast. Bright and cozy. A chalkboard on the wall reports the weather .

Hollmann Beletage Hotel  Hollmann Beletage Hotel

There’s a basket full of bread (all very good) and big jugs of sparkling water and orange juice on each table. The guests can just pick any seat and start digging in, a waitress would come by to take your orders for other drinks and today’s special. The coffee was very good.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel

As soon as we sit down the waitress brought us two plates of cheese, fruit and meat. Very generous amount.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel

Special of the day: Scramble egg with herbs.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel

2nd day’s cheese and meat plate. I like how they’re served on a wood board.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel

Special of the 2nd day: Egg in a glass with ham, cheese, tomatoes, horse radish and cress.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel

There’s also a bottle of champaign on a communal table for all

Hollmann Beletage Hotel  Hollmann Beletage Hotel  Hollmann Beletage Hotel Hollmann Beletage Hotel

On another communal table there’s also standard breakfast fares like yogurt, granola, milk, cereal (love those little metal clamp canisters), pastry, apfelstrudel, fruits…etc etc.

We stuffed ourselves full that we didn’t have to waste touristy time to have lunch (instead we had cakes twice before dinner :P). The Hollmann Beletage hotel also got a wonderful restaurant around the building’s corner. It turned out to be the best dining experienced we had at Vienna, report coming soon. I highly recommend this hotel if you’re visiting Vienna. It got a great location too – just few blocks from the Stephansdom but in a quiet street.

Hollmann Beletage
Köllnerhofgasse 6, A-1010 Wien

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5 Responses to “Hollmann Beletage Hotel Breakfast (Vienna: Inner Stadt)”

  1. Josef says:

    Dear Potatomato,

    I just found your blog. We want to thank you for the really nice pictures and the great review about our Hollmann Beletage!!

    It seems that you enjoyed your stay at our Hollmann Beletage and hope to see you soon again.

    Kindest regards from rainy Vienna,

    Josef Lischka & the Hollmann team.

  2. valentine says:

    wow, really lovely interrior and the food looks good!! ^p^

    btw I have those jars w/ the metal clamps
    but I use it to keep cell phone straps and other little trinkets…(-_-|||;)
    I should use it for food purposes!!

  3. seat says:

    The room is so nice! Champagne for breakfast wowowow!!
    After staying in a cheap but far-from-comfortable accomodation in Hokkdaido and getting quite stressed from the condition and not sleeping well, I really think paying more for a good hotel is really worth it!

  4. Freda says:

    Hi Josef and the hollmann team, thank you for leaving a comment.

    Hehe I have those jars too, I pour in whatever snacks in them just so I can have rows of cute jars on my counter. ^^;;

    Seat: Yes a good hotel is really worth it. A REALLY nice one could really enhance the trip (esp. if it comes with a nice meals, like this one). We went to Vienna for 4 days, we could only book the first 2 days (no open rooms for the other 2 days), so we got this very cheap pension for the remaining trip…err it was a clean enough but it was just too old and in a sorta not-so-good neighborhood. It felt like fall from heaven, I got so depressed… ^^;;

  5. Thanks for the useful information…I’ll be back in a day.