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Sluka (Vienna: Ringstrasse)

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Out of the city center along the ring near the neo-gothic Town Hall, there’s Sluka, another historic confectionery since 1800s, frequent by famous clients like Sisi, Oskar Kokoschka…etc.


The interior looks like it hasn’t been update for a long time (and not in a good way) that it’s a little bit grandma-feel so we prefer to sit at the cozy outdoor tables. There are several sights like the Parliament and Volksgarden nearby but the cafe is on a quiet low key street with not much traffic.


Mocha: you put that little chocolate cup with cream into the black coffee. So cute! Melange. All great! I like how they always give you a glass of water when you order coffee.

They served these beautiful Open Sandwiches as well:


These bite size delights look so tempting in the display window so we had to order them. We randomly picked the most fancy looking ones. These small bites are so gourmet but a bit small. Just one bite and they’re gone.


Pear Tart. Soooo good! I never have a pear tart this good in my life! *q* Light, fresh and have delicate sweetness mixed with refreshing fragrance.


Cranberry mousse. This is really amazing! Perfect balance of sweet and sour. The mousse is silkily smooth and very fresh. I read that Sluka’s strength lies in their fruit cakes, based on this and the pear tart I heartfully agree. I kept thinking about this for days afterward.


Sluka cake. Super good too! So fresh and multiple flavors. I think there’re chocolate, hazelnut and orange. Wonderful fragrant, light and moist texture.

Their poopyseed cake is one of Sluka’s most popular item, unfortunately it was sold out by the time when we’re there. In fact I saw the last piece being taken away as soon as we walked in. It’s a pity. Hopeuflly I’ll get the chance to try it someday.

This is my favorite Patisserie out of all the ones I tried in Vienna. In fact I enjoyed all 3 Sluka cakes more than Sachertorte. ^^;; Highly recommend, a MUST go!

Rathausplatz 8, Vienna, Wien 1010

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5 Responses to “Sluka (Vienna: Ringstrasse)”

  1. Fausty says:

    Your photos keep getting better. Your Vienna blogging is so delicious and unreal looking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. seat says:

    The bite size sandwich are so cute(yeah great pictures!), especially the pocket-looking one decorated with olive and bell pepper(?).

    Maybe Sachertorte is too old-fashioned(heavy, sweet, less fancy) for you?

  3. Joan says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Fausty!

    Haha pocket looking one…yeah like a zip bag!

  4. valentine says:

    everything, including sandwiches and cakes, are beautifully presented
    I’m so impressed at the details!
    like the red triangle in the first sandwich
    and the little berries in the second!
    and how the chocolate cake haslittle nuts on the pointy side
    and pear tart has almonds on the sides! ^0^

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah your photos look as good as the ones in the cookbooks! so impressive.

    also… poopyseed cake. is it made with poopy seeds? ^^