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Sinbala (Arcadia)

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Back to the popular authentic Taiwan snack joint Sinbala. Last time we stayed on the boring side and ordered sausage with leek, this time we tried the ones with fruits. Sausage with Lemon juice and Sausage with peach. Both are great! The sourness and sweetness of fruits went well with Taiwanese sausages which are sweeter in taste compare with American/European ones. Though we’re still not in rush to try the one with chocolate.

Tainan (southern Taiwan) style rice cake. Made with sticky rice, with meat, dried shrimp and soy sauce marinated quail egg on top, served with a Taiwanese savory sweet sauce (not sure of the official name). I like this a lot, it’s filling too.

Taiwanese fried chicken, one of the specialty of Sinbala. The fried batter is vastly different from American’s. It’s thinner and very crispy, so it’s not a seperate layer wrapping the chicken like in the American’s. I preferred the Taiwanese style more. Fried with pepper, salt, chili and basil.


Babaobing (Eight treasure shaved ice) – Shaved ice is the standard Taiwanese dessert for the summer. They have lots of different ingredients you can choose from, or you can get the “Eight Treasure” which comes with 8 ingredients underneath the ice : red bean, green beans, taro, egg pudding, mochi, grass jelly, boba, aiyu jelly (the last two are truly Taiwanese specialties). The shaved ice was topped with sweet condense milk and molasses syrup which was delicious. Personally I preferred less “beans” and no boba (not a fan). I love the grass jelly and aiyu jelly a lot. Next time I would just get ingredients I like and request more molasses syrup.

651 W Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 446-0886

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6 Responses to “Sinbala (Arcadia)”

  1. nhbilly says:

    Glad I stumble on your blog at this rate I’ll never get bored of the internet. Thanks 😀

  2. matt says:

    i must take my taiwanese friend here, he would be very happy.

  3. Joan says:

    Thanks nhbilly.

    Matt, I’ll be interested to see if your Taiwanese friend would like it.

  4. seat says:

    Taiwanese version of kakigori has so much more ingredients! Everytime I order the Japanese version, I will get tired of it halfway.

    Somehow I can accept and in fact really like boudin noir with sweet fruit jam and stuff, but chinese sausage with fruits just sounds so strange! I wonder if it is a common thing in Taiwan or just Sinbala’s own creation.

  5. Joan says:

    Yeah Japanese shaved ice is a bit boring and one-note.

    You should try Chinese sausage (esp. the Taiwanese kind) with fruits! They really do go well together, I guess because Taiwanese sausage are sweet already, so the sourness/fruity sweetness balanced it? I think it’s a general Taiwanese creation, my friend said she tried the ones in night markets.

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