August 27, 2008 2

The Lazy Daisy (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

I’ve been working on the westside recently and we had lunch at this cute Santa Monica breakfast joint.

Even though most customers stopped by for take outs, it have a pretty outdoor patio for sit-ins.


We waited a bit for a table. The menu is generic Los Angeles cafe food: salad, sandwiches, soups. Fresh and big portion.


I have a Egg Benedict…hmm..’healthy’ tasting. The taste is pretty generic overall, which is alright for a local neighborhood joint. You mostly come here for the casual vibe, familiar breakfast/cafe essentials and cute patio.

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2 Responses to “The Lazy Daisy (Santa Monica)”

  1. vero says:


    where are you guys?

  2. seat says:

    It is difficult to get excited about “salad, sandwiches, soups”. ^^;;;