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El Buen Ranchero (Chiapas)

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I don’t exactly know where this is at Chiapas. We were on the way to an indigenous village called San Juan Chamula from the capital Tuxtla Gutierrez after arrival. We had to wait a long time to get some documents approved for our cameras which greatly delayed our trip. It was a long drive toward the mountains and all of us were starving to death. So we stopped at this small restaurant for a quick bite. It was almost 4:00 pm and all I had was a small pastry for breakfast in the morning.

I love the onion on the condiment platter. Quesos Fundidos – Melted Cheese. Love the burnt parts. We’re definitely cheese-overdose on this trip.

Quesadillas with Cactus and with Chorizo (sausage). The quesadillas were a big hit among us, I especially love the cactus one, they reminded me a bit of Chinese pickled vegetables with a more slimey texture (like natto). We added the onion, lime juice and the green sauce from the condiment platter to the quesadillas.


Huaraches – Tacos al pastor meat on top of a big sheet of tortilla with beans. The pork meat was marinated with spices and herbs, very delicious.

I was so full from this meal that I had to skip dinner that night, otherwise I felt like I would fried my stomach. It’s a pity because I missed out a lot of amazing dishes (according to my colleagues). Oh well, gotta take care of the stomach first.

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One Response to “El Buen Ranchero (Chiapas)”

  1. seat says:

    You have great self-control…..even if I’m not hungry, I will go ahead and eat those “amazing dishes” because I don’t want to miss out. That’s probably why I can never get thin. ^^;;;;