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Sketch Ice cream (Berkeley: 4th street)

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DSCN4427Whew! Now that the election is over I feel like I can relax and go back to blogging. This is the last entry on the Bay Area and we’ll be back to LA next.

We stopped by the chichi shopping neighbourhood 4th street for some sweet at Sketch Ice-cream. A very cute place, though I was lucky to get this shot before being told that taking pictures inside is not allowed. There are only few choices of flavors available each day and they are different every day. There’re some interesting toppings like olive oil and sea salt. Besides toppings, you can add “granita” (semi-frozen sugar, water and flavorings, originally from Sicily) which comes in 3-4 flavors.


Lavender ice cream with coffee granita and Coffee ice cream with grape granita. The server was kinda “ehh” about our choice of combining coffee flavor with grape granita. I see his point but oh well. The ice cream is very smooth and creamy. I love the lavender ice cream very much. The granita gave a crunchy and refreshing balance to the ice cream. If you find yourself in the Bay area and crave for sweets, Sketch definitely worth a stop.

Sketch Ice-cream
1809 4th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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2 Responses to “Sketch Ice cream (Berkeley: 4th street)”

  1. seat says:

    I love this kind of “soft cream”(how do you call it in English?). Coffee and grape do sound strange together. ^^;;

    A bit out of the blue, have you ever mixed
    “cream soda” with milk? It is one of my favourite childhood drinks but seems like it is a HK thing…..I told my Japanese friends they were all like “Ehhh~~?!”

  2. This sounds like a delicious place to get ice cream! Kinda sad you can’t get any pictures in there though…but the ice cream looks gourmet!