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Vermont with guest chef Laurent Quenioux (ex-Bistro K)

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Remember the wonderful Bistro K which Laurent Quenioux used to be the chef (old entries: 1 and 2)? It was a pity he left and since then he doesn’t have a permanent based. The only way to taste his food is when he guest chef at Vermont restaurant from time to time (see old entry). From October on chef Laurent Quenioux is back at Vermont restaurant as guest chef and he offered a 3 course “Autumn dinner menu” for $34 per person. $3 course for $34 is a great deal! So Jon and I immediately made reservation. There were several choices for each courses, and overall the menu consists of simple hearty and traditional dishes which is different from Quenioux ‘s usual creative and fushion menu at Bistro K.

Joan’s 1st course: Wild Mushroom and Leeks tartlet. Very good! It smells wonderful. The crust were fresh and cripsy. It’s hard to go wrong with mushrooms.

Joan’s 2nd course: Duck (sautéed breast / confit of leg ) served with mousseline of potatoes, brocolini, and braised plums tossed with green Cardamom. A big hearty dish, I couldn’t finish everything because it’s so rich. I prefer the leg over the breast but both were fantastic. The plum sauce was tasty and works well with duck, reminded of me a little of Canton cuisine which usually pair duck with plum sauce as well.

Joan’s 3rd course: Panna Cotta with marinated figs in pomegranate syrup and fresh mint. Light and refreshing.

Jon’s 1st course: Quince salad With Roquefort cheese, and toasted pine nuts. I think this is my first time tasting quince and I like it!

Jon’s 2nd course: Beef Short Ribs served on a bed of celery root, quinoa infused with citrus zests, and merguez sausage. Very hearty. Jon said it’s good. He especially liked the citrus zest and he’s always a fan of celery root.

Jon’s 3rd course: Apple tart served with vanilla ice cream and caramel

A very satisfying meal overall, especially with the price of $34 per person we couldn’t ask for more!

This month Chef Laurent Quenioux is having a Cassoulet “Toulousain” Dinner menu for $44 per person and a special to-go Thanksgiving menu for $189 that can serve 6-8 guests. Check them out!

Vermont Restaurant and bar
1714 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 661-6163

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2 Responses to “Vermont with guest chef Laurent Quenioux (ex-Bistro K)”

  1. TonyC says:

    ooo.. the panna with figs look great…

  2. Eleana says:

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for months, I love your postings!

    I wanted to go to Vermont for my birthday on the 1st so I called to see if Chef Laurent would still be a “guest chef” there and the person who answered the phone told me that he was permanently at Vermont now! I’m definitely going to be heading there; I’ve heard a lot of his menu at Bistro K but never got to try it …