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Central Basco Restaurant (Chino)

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Centro Basco specialized in Basque cuisine. Basques is a small region between the border of Spain and France that has their own language and culture. Seems like this place is a gathering place for the community of Basque people in LA. Most of the customers are white hair elders (men with beret hat especially) who speak the Basque language.

Every Sunday they have a special set lunch menu, the day I went was ‘Blood Sausage.” My friends said they’ve had “oxtail” before which was absolutely divine.


The lunch room opens at at 12:30pm. People gathered at the bar area (very crowded) to drink and chat. When the bell rang, everyone lined up and waited to enter the dining hall.


The dining rooms are very spacious. Most are communal tables. Our party had about 24 people, so we occupied the longest table in the house. There’re also lots of charming historic and personal photos and paintings on the wall.

The meal is served family style. Each table are served with:


Homemade bread, wine and Cheese. They have their own winery. It’s practically an all-you-can-drink feast. The bread and bleu cheese was so good!


Delicious salad and vegetable soup (I’m already a little full by this point). They will bring out more on your request.


Lamb: incredible! I heard that Basque cuisine consist mainly of stew meat. The meat is so tender with deep flavors. I can’t stop eating more of this, even knowing the main course is coming up.


Blood Sausage. Wow this is fantastic~ the ones I’ve had before simply can’t compare. There seems to be some tongue meat mixed in so they have very good textures (and not gooey). It is so tasty.


The giant Flan for table to share. It doesn’t look too pretty but it’s actually very good and not too sweet. What a satisfying yummy feast and a very unique experience as well. Didn’t feel like LA at all!

Central Basco Restaurant (909) 628-9014
13432 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710

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4 Responses to “Central Basco Restaurant (Chino)”

  1. Melissa says:

    I just ate at a basque restraurant too. I loved it. We had paella, it was delish!

  2. seat says:

    Wow they don’t only replenish the bread but also the cheese? That is so generous! I can totally understand how you get full before the main comes! XD

  3. mattatouille says:

    very nice! I’ve been wondering where I could get Basque food in LA. I might just make the trip out there sometime.

  4. Freda says:

    Wow Melissa, what is that other Basque restaurant called? I don’t think Central Basco has paella (according to their menu).

    Yeah Seat, the generosity is quite shocking, I guess that’s how communal table dining is suppose to be like, it felt like I’m at an European village. ^^;;

    Mattatouille: yes it’s worth the trip! Bring an empty stomach there on a Sunday.