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Sushi Sushi (Beverly Hills)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

I came here with a sushi club (basically a small groups of sushi loving friends who meet up once a month to try a different sushi place). At first I was a little taken aback by its name (sound like those bad Korean-owned chain sushi places like “Kabuki”, “SushiQ”…etc), but it’s actually an small, authentic and intimate place.

Because it was a work night, we arrived late at 8pm and many fishes were sold out already. They have a regular fish menu and a menu for imported fish from Japan by Air.


Oyster, and a special of the night: Uni with mirugai. Good!

The sushi was cut in a long stripe placed on top of a small amount of rice in the middle. It’s perfect for my hand to pick up and eat it with one bite.


Shima Aji (premium mackerel) was fantastic!  Kohada was alright (I’ve had better).


Kanpachi, Zuke (marinated Tuna). All very good, though some people in the group weren’t that crazy about the continue used of ponzu sauce.


Madai (Japanese Red Snapper) and Sweet Shrimp. Most of the item we wanted to order ran out. So by this point we asked for omakase (half-omakase?).


Toro with Shiso and Takuwan roll
. Very good and a perfect final item to finish the meal.

The main chef wasn’t very conversational and all he ever did was saying “sushi sushi” when someone talked to him. Overall the sushi was very good but they’re quite pricey. Though My friend told me their omakase worths the price, but the key is: get there early! The chef said most fish supplies ran out by 7.

Sushi Sushi

326 1/2 Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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7 Responses to “Sushi Sushi (Beverly Hills)”

  1. sneakermonkey says:

    Who would have thought Uni and Mirugai are two great tastes that taste great together. I must try that one since I love both.
    The toro hand roll with shiso and takuan, looks awesome too.
    But the takuan wasn’t over powering the tuna?
    So out of all the sushi places you’ve been with your club, which do you consider your favorite?

  2. Freda says:

    The takuan does dominate a bit, but I think it’s still good~

    This is my first joining the ‘sushi club’ so I missed out a lot already.
    My ‘always go back” sushi joint is Ike.

  3. valentine says:

    the chef actually says “sushi-sushi” when someone talks to him??(^-^;;)

    that’s kinda shocking but really funny~

  4. hi thanks for posting this. i’ve been hearing a lot about this place. what was your total damage here? i fall to my knees for uni + (other sushi component). my fave thing to eat is a uni, uzura (quail egg), yamaimo hand roll. haha.

  5. Freda says:

    yeah Valentine, there was a Japanese girl in our group who spoke Japanese to him, yet he was also reluctant to converse and just said ‘sushi sushi.” ^^;

    eatdrinkndmerry, I think it was $60 per person here. Their omakase was $80 per person if I remember correctly/

  6. SinoSoul says:

    check out this shot of uni on top of Alaskan King Crab leg: at Toshi Sushi in Lil Tokyo.

    I’ve heard “things” about Sushi Sushi; been intriguged, but it’s not the first time I’ve read complaints regarding the over usage of ponzu/soy and the chef’s egregious spartan attitude. 1/3 of an omakase experience belies in the interaction with the itamae. While the selection of fish is extremely interesting, the extremely oblong CUTS do not look interesting. And really, I don’t ever want to hear “sushi sushi” out of any chef, OG or otherwise.

    Great pix and thanks for the report, tho!

  7. fuzzy says:

    so far it has been my favourite sushi joint… i always get their omakase. expensive but was good.

    the owner/cheff is a lil cold but with time he gets warmer. he’s really strict with his no cell phone policy or when one adds ponzu to their sushi.