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Figaro Cafe (Los Feliz)

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Went to Los Feliz for Lunch on Friday. We were attracted by the authentic looking French zinc bar and Art Nouveau decor of Figaro Cafe. The stain glasses are said to be more than 150 years old. There’s an old antique film projector and screen inside too. But….


Turns out the food is over-priced and average tasting. 🙁 The butter was so frozen that the knife can hardly scrab any. The Quiche was rich with cheese and quite nice, but I can’t believe the fries were so SOGGY and GREASY! >_< The Nicoise was pretty good but you get the same quality at Larchment’s French Villege Cafe for half the price. The waitress also messed up our order that Bill graciously accept the wrong dish. But the atmosphere and music was great! They were playing Femme de Paris Vol.3 and Stereolab, totally MY kind of soundtrack!

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8 Responses to “Figaro Cafe (Los Feliz)”

  1. seat says:

    Wah~~~food report!! ^^;;

    The cafe looks really pretty, especially those lamps in the middle pic. What is Nicoise? It is so weird that they serve Quiche with fries…

    I think they should have just served the cake alone, or with fruits or something. The cream and sauce look so messy….well at least they were yummy.

  2. Joan says:

    Nicoise is quite a common (?) dish in French restaurants here. It’s a salad that has Ahi-Tuna (I like it super raw), boiled eggs, Anchovies (very salty), potatomato (ha!) and black olives. I’m kind of on a low-carb diet now so I’m always eating veggie and meat now.

    I think dessert in general in the US just aren’t made with delicatecy like in Japan. Even though some might taste great but the presentation and appareance just can’t compare with Japan’s at all.

  3. tomoko says:

    you guys went out for lunch AND dinner?
    how nice!:)
    by the way I saw the postings re: bills….
    it sucks in Japan cuz everyone pays equal!!
    I live far away, so I always have to leave early when I go out w/co-workers, and everyone keeps eating and drinking but I still have to pay the equal amount.
    (I get notified of the price the next day)

  4. Joan says:

    That’s why that system is so wrong sometimes!
    May be next time you can request bill sperately so when you leave you just pay your own bill?

  5. seat says:

    Hi tomoko. That’s very unfair for you! I would defnitely complain if I were you! Yeah, you should definitely ask for the bill and sort out yourself. Maybe the “kanji” is just lazy to calculate?

    btw, Joan, is there an option to list the “most recent comments”, like in my blog? It is difficult to check replies~~~

    And I know I am going to forget again so I’ll ask you here, have you received the pamphlets yet?

  6. Joan says:

    As far as I know there’s only “most recent comments” thing for ourselves on our blog edit/posting site, not for visitors. Too bad…:(

    Tomoko and Seat, you girls should meet at least once sometime! ^______^

  7. tomoko says:

    hi seat + joan!
    another girl who leaves early always pays equal amount too, so the atmosphere demands me to pay equal. I asked another guy how he deals w/ it and he told me he simply doesn’t participate in those things cuz he’s broke. such a curious phenomenon…..:P

  8. seat says:

    Hi hi, tomoko, if you have time we could meet up sometime. Where do you work/live?