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Cole’s (Downtown LA)

By in 06: Downtown LA

We hopped around Downtown with the metro day pass few weekends ago. It was a good chance to try the historic landmark Cole’s for lunch. Like Philippe’s, it has been around for a long time since the early 20th century. Though unlike Philippe’s, Cole’s has been renovated recently – it’s a lot more fancy inside and it has an elaborate drink list. Seems like it caters more to the downtown convert-loft crowd while Philippe’s caters more to family and operates like a cafeteria.

Perhaps it was the superbowl weekend, the place was quite empty, which is a major difference from the battle zone-like ordering counter at Philippe’s. Both Cole’s and Philippe’s claimed to be the Originator of the French Dip sandwich. I’d soon find out whose is the better one.

French dip Sandwich with a side of cole slaw.

Beautiful presentation. The sandwich is a lot more pretty looking than Philippe’s, and the dipping sauce was served seperately. Of course it’s more pricey too. However, I have to say Philippe’s win in taste. Philippe’s roast beef is better, more moist and flavorful. Cole’s roast beef were kind of dry and the dipping sauce was kind of too light for my taste. So I declare Philippe’s French dip sandwich to be better (and a lot cheaper too!)

118 E 6th St., Los Angeles, CA

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4 Responses to “Cole’s (Downtown LA)”

  1. Josh says:

    I agree, phillipes is way better! I prefer the old school downtown feel to the pay an extra dollar for the “poshness” or whatever

    let me know if you guys plan on attending the ppla foodfare. Every good restaurant in LA will be there

  2. Chubbypanda says:

    I had no idea there were cute streets like that in LA. I gotta hit Downtown more often.

  3. SinoSoul says:

    had both the pastrami and the french dip. Seriously lousy sammies. Langer’s pastrami is just so superior in every which way. and you’re spot on about the beef.

    At least The Association next door is still rockin fine drinks…

  4. I just did one between Cole’s and Philippe’s in my blog also. Thought both of them were okay. I do like Cole’s choice of giving au jus sauce on the side where I didn’t want it pre-dip.

    The interesting thing is when I went on a Saturday afternoon, it was pretty empty also. Maybe they do well at night? Not sure.