January 20, 2005 7

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House (Manhattan Beach)

By in 17: South Bay

DSC02000.jpgWe went to this all-American breakfast place because it has a nice view to the ocean…unfortunately the ocean view is a bit nasty today. The cloud are muddy yellow hence the ocean is this scary greyish yellow color. Heavy smog completely blurred the horizon line. 🙁 This place seems to be a popular local hang out. Lot of couples with their dogs, moms with their young kids.

DSC02002.jpgDSC02003.jpgSausage & Egg with Buttermilk Pancake $6.50 I don’t have much expectation from this kind of food, so I just ordered the most basic. It’s bland, but filling and satisfying. The Pancake and hash brown are quite nice. But the sausage…could be a lot better you know… Also I found that sausage + maple syrup is quite nice. 😀

DSC02004.jpgManhattan Omlette $8.5 Not mine. Too expensive for the type of food. Look wise it’s a bit…unpleasant because of the *green* rubbery texture avocado. ^^;; It has mushroom, tomato, bell pepper, onion and more with American cheese, I taste a bite and it’s…errr…odd.

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7 Responses to “Uncle Bill’s Pancake House (Manhattan Beach)”

  1. tina says:

    hey, when are we going to marston together?! i can’t wait to see if you guys like their pancake or not. i am not a pancake person, but man, i got no complain about marston!!

  2. Freda says:

    Oh yeah!!! Gotta try that. How about this Sunday morning? 😉

  3. tina says:

    errrr. . . can’t do it this weekend. i got letterpress workshop both sat. and sunday. unless you girls want to get up at 7am to have breakfast with me ^^;;

  4. seat says:

    Your friend didn’t order pancake in a pancake house? ^^;;; Did you go in the morning?? Are there any savoury pancakes??

  5. Freda says:

    Oh my friend’s omlette came with the same pancake as mine, so… ^^;;; There’s no savoury pancake~~ this place is soooooo traditional and BASIC! X-0 It’s all pancake and waffle. Then there’s omlette. And on the other side of menu you have burgers, onion rings types of All-American meal. Haha we went at lunch, which felt weird but this place served breakfast all day, and we joke about this place often (“hey feeling Uncle Bill?”) that we finally try it. Mine was alright, but my friend felt sick afterward, too greasy/buttery/cheesy.

  6. seat says:

    Your friend is not used to eating greasy food?? A cup of straight tea together with greasy food helps digestion~~Did the food come with drinks or you need to order separately?

  7. Freda says:

    order seperately of course ^^;;;