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Kiriko Sushi (Sawtelle)

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I finally recover from a severe and never-ending flu, and it’s time to write up some old entries.

I’m treated to a friend’s favorite sushi joint, Kiriko on Sawtelle. It stills boggles my mind why I’ve never been here even though I often dine among the stripe.


We sat at the bar and were served by the main chef, who’s not chatty but friendly. First up: Chutoro, wow, melt in your mouth the instant it enters, so good!


Aji: smooth and fresh with a light ponzu sauce, very good.


Madai with Yuzu Salt. The use of salt is a nice change from ponzu sauce, as it’s more subtle and My stable: Uni is predictably good.

Halibut with Truffle
Halibut with Truffle , the truffle gave the fish a rich, wonderful buttery flavor.


Kampachi and Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper) and the very good, clean tasting Saba (Meckerel).


Barracuda: first time to try it raw and it definitely has an unusual bite and flavor (smoky and murky). Mirugai (Geoduck) is in its firm and crunchy glory.


Anago (Sea Water Eel), light tasting.


Knowing that I’m quite an egg addict, the bf has been hyping up about the Tamago sushi here. Oh my their Tamago is like souffle~ The texture is very light and puffy, with a very nice hint of crunchiness from mixing in grounded shrimp (with shell). It can almost be a dessert as well.


Truffle Ice cream: wow, the strong unique smell and flavors of truffle completely elevate this simple ice cream into something that you feel sad for every remaining bite.

The meal was a delight from beginning to finish, with a few surprises (Tamago!). Other then being top quality, their fish selection offers a bit more unusual items (in LA standard) and delicately dressed in various flavors (not just ponzu sauce). It definitely becomes one of my most favorite spots for sushi…in fact I would come here solely for the Tamago. I like the small space and intimate vibe as well.

Kiriko Sushi (310) 478-7769
1301 W Olympic Blvd # 102 Los Angeles, CA 90064

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3 Responses to “Kiriko Sushi (Sawtelle)”

  1. Marie says:

    This is why I love LA! Everytime I turn around, it seems like there’s another good sushi spot to check out. Thanks for the heads up, Sawtelle is one of the few Asian areas in town I haven’t spent much time in… but your meal sounds amazing!

  2. bonnie tsang says:

    oh my goodness with that tamago!!

  3. sneakermonkey says:

    Its been a long time since I’ve been to Kiriko.
    Looks like its still serving good food.
    I have to go back soon just to try the Tamago.
    It looks like pound cake!