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A new noodle place called Bamboodles opened in San Gabriel Valley. It specialized in “jook-sing mein“, or Bamboo Noodle in English, a rare Cantonese noodle dish in which they use a large bamboo stick to tenderize the dough. If anyone seen that Hong Kong episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservvation, you would remember the part where Anthony visit an old guy who sat and “bounce” on the bamboo log in his tiny room to make fresh bamboo noodle every day for years. Now this particular type of noodle is finally available in LA. I’m excited to try it and apparently so is everyone else. The place was very crowded when we arrived, we had to wait about 15-20 mintues for a table. There’s a glass booth inside which you can see how they make the noodle with the bamboo stick, but we didn’t see anyone demonstrating when we were there.

They have combo meal for around $6-6.50 which is a very good deal. Each combo meal includes an appetizer, noodle and drink. I got combo B: Beef Lo Mein and I picked the spicy seaweed and potato for the appetizer and Hong Kong milk tea for drink. The marinated beef was tender and tasty. The bamboo noodle is very good, fresh and springy. You can taste that they’re homemade.

Jon got combo A. Appetizer: sprouts and tofu. Noodle: Green Tea Sliced Pork Noodles. The pork was boiled with green tea but neither of us could taste it. The broth is light tasting, the palette is very Cantonese.

We also got House special dumpling which I forgot to take picture of. It was the Northern thick skin type which is quite a surprise since most items on the menu are Cantonese style of dishes. The dumplings are pretty good, I personally prefer the Southern thin skin type.

Tasty and good value, they even have a $1 noodle dish for specials. You can also just buy their noodle to take home. Next time I want to try their cold noodle.

535 W. Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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5 Responses to “Bamboodles”

  1. sneakermonkey says:

    Those noodles look awesome! And it sounds like they have good texture.
    I hate eating noodles that are too soft and not chewy.

  2. It’s nice they finally have combo meals! The pricing before was very expensive for what it offered (same price, but only the noodles came), and not all of it was good (like overcooking the noodles in the noodle soups).

    These dishes look great, but their dishes always look good on camera (I have taken photos of them when they were new). I haven’t had any of these dishes before though.

  3. tonyg says:

    i work right next door at the optometry. Ive tried the place once they opened and the recipes are not as refined as it is right now. It was also much more expensive before. I’m glad you liked them. The past couple tenants could not make that restaurant space work. Our office gave them 6 months to survive. guess they proved us wrong.

  4. lilcee says:

    My husband and I tried going there Tues night, it was empty and there was a C. Hmmm….so we were a bit put off-ish.

    Instead we went across the street to 101 Noodle Express. This time definitely we’ll try it.

  5. Joan says:

    Ah good to know that they knock their price down.
    I heard that you should stick with the noodle, since that’s what they’re good at.