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Huckleberry (Santa Monica)

By in 16: Santa Monica

Another new breakfast place to try!

Huckleberry is a new bakery in Santa Monica. I came here on a Tuesday only to find out they open on Wed-Sun. So I came back on a crowded (expected) Sunday morning.


Customers aren’t supposed to wait in a table without an ordering number at the counter (long queue), but some people still do it anyway.

I wasn’t in the mood for carb so I didn’t try their bake goods (which looks good). The breakfast menu is a bit limited and $$ though (such as $10 for Granola).


Poached Eggs with Farmer’s Market Vegetables. $12  I picked the same item as my previous entry Bottega Louie to compare. The flavor is light and the veggie choices are common lack varieties (green beans!?).  The heirloom tomatoes are so sweet and nice though. I expected so much more,  so definitely not worth the price.


Green Eggs and Ham. $12  I was expecting something like this, turns out it’s more like Eggs Benedict with green sauce. The muffins are good but overall nothing special.

The ingredients are fresh and all but our impression was a ‘meh.’ Perhaps the popular Bread pudding would have been redeeming? We were going to get it but after the not so satisfying meal we decided to forget it. The crowd and stressful environment kind of defeat the purpose of a ‘lazy Sunday morning” as well.

1014 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401

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