February 3, 2005 4

Sun & Moon Cafe (Manhattan Beach)

By in 17: South Bay

DSC02158.jpgDSC02159.jpgThis place is so cute~ I spotted this last month but it’s always closed for remodelling everytime we were there. Finally it’s opened but unfortunately: it’s bad! -_-;; I should have known since it’s a Japanese + Vietnamese fusion place at a gwai-lo area. I was hoping for some interesting twist since the decor is so nice and sincere. How ironic that we’re facing all these ‘Best-of’ awards and editorial praises on the walls. There are notes in each table explaining what Pho is, how their soup base brew for 7 hours and such…

DSC02162.jpgDSC02161.jpgSuper Small bowl of Beef Pho $5.5. My goodness I finished this in one gulp. The 7 hours prepared soup is tasteless, medicore quality of beef. I can get a huge bowl of really good beef pho (with all kinds of cow part) at Vietnamese restaurant on the East side. The Ikura sushi cost as much as the pho and it’s terrible. The seaweed are soggy and sticky (yuck!), the salmon roe are gross…the sushi aren’t mine (seem bad). Still hungry afterward.

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4 Responses to “Sun & Moon Cafe (Manhattan Beach)”

  1. Eileen says:

    Yeah you can get much much better pho in any of those Vietnamese Pho restaurant with a number in their name… such as Pho79 or Pho88 or Pho47 or PhoWhatever. haha….

    Yes! I’m Angie’s sister. She showed me your site and now I’m hooked! Nice meeting you~~~~ ^^

  2. seat says:

    That’s a shame that the food is bad – the interior is so cute. But really, you should be suspicious when there are sushi and pho in the same menu…I have no faith in fusion – authenticity is all.

  3. Freda says:

    I notice (or assume ^^;;) that the boss is Japanese and the boss wife is Vietnamese, so I thought ‘oh how cute, husband-wife team open a fusion restaurant of their two cultures,’ too bad neither side food quality are any up to standard ^^;;.

  4. seat says:

    Oh that IS cute.