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Loteria Grill (Hollywood)

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Loteria! Everyone at work has been raving about the new-ish Loteria Grill on Hollywood Blvd ever since it opened late last year. I always missd the chance to go, either too busy at work or some other reasons. Last week was a co-worker’s birthday, so a big group of us went there for lunch to celebrate. Unlike the stall at Farmer’s Market, this Loteria Grill is a real sit-down restaurant at the touristy part of Hollywood Blvd, right next to the very cheesy Geisha House (sorry if anyone actually likes that place…). I was rather surprise at how nice the interior is. Love the high ceiling, open kitchen and natural sunlight. Of course it’s decorated with their signature “cards” theme. As soon as we sit down, they waiter brought over chips with sauce. The sauce was really good, very addictive.

We got two appetizers: Queso Fundido (melted cheese) and Crispy taquitos (inside is chicken, shredded beef and potato). The Queso Fundido was really good. It came with tortilla which we ate with the melted cheese.The taquitos were pretty good too.

I got the Sampler plates which has all 12 of tacos served on mini hand-made tortillas. It’s a good dish for a first timer to sample all their tacos in a bite, though their sizes were more like 2 bites for me. It’s a very filling dish for sure, if Freda was with me I would definitely share it with her. The tacos are:

-Fresh cactus salda (I Love this a lot!)
-Zucchini and roasted corn succotash (refreshing)
-Mushrooms with Epazote. (it taste ok)
-Potatoes with roasted poblano peppers (Really good!)
-Chicken in mole poblano (I had this one before at the Farmer’s Market branch and I wasn’t that impressed at that time, but this time it was very good).
-Chicken stewed with chipotle peppers and home-made chorizo. (good)
Chicken in a spicy pumpkin-seed and peanut sauce. (tasty)
-Shredded beef with guacamole. (Really good, one of my most favorite ones).
-Meatballs in tomato and chipotle sauce (Taste a little too Italian-ish )
-Pork Slowly Roasted in Banana Leaf with citrus-pickled red onion and chile habanero (pretty good)
-Pork rinds in spicy tomatillo sauce. (Really good, one of my favorites.)
Carnitas in a spicy and smokey chile morita sauce, served with slices of avocado. (good)


Everyone got tacos so I only took picture of the person’s next to me. From left to right: – zucchini and roasted corn succotash, Mushrooms with Epazote, Shredded beef with guacamole, Chicken in mole poblano.

Flan. Rich and creamy.

I haven’t had good Mexican food for a long time so this meal blew me away. Someone in our group argues that the food is a tad bit overpriced for Mexican food, but I guess that’s expected given the location of this place. I say if you find yourself somehow unfortunately stuck at Hollywood Blvd and you need a bite, Loteria Grill is the place to go.  They have an amazing collection of Tequilas too.

Loteria Grill Hollywood
6627 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

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4 Responses to “Loteria Grill (Hollywood)”

  1. tomoko says:

    wow that mini-taco dish looks so fun to eat!
    it’s always nice to get to eat a buch of different things in small portions♡♡♡

  2. Diane C. says:

    I love loteria!

    The owner will featured in the September issue of our magazine (Bon Appétit). Look out for it!

  3. SinoSoul says:

    the taco round-table is on my short list… just so many other tacos to be eaten tho..

  4. Dawn Smith says:

    Wow! that dish sounds delicious…looks great.