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Good Girl Dinette (Highland Park)

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A friend who lived at Mt. Washington told me about this joint Good Girl Dinette and recommended me their beef stew. I checked out their website and it says “Vietnamese Comfort Food meets American diner.” Wow what a fun concept! I immediately got a group of foodie friends and set out.

The design-y space sticks out in the rather sketchy neighborhood.


Love the clean, casual and chic interior (especially the chairs)!


Appetizer: Mushroom Imperial Rolls, Fresh Spring Rolls (stuffed with tofu and herbs). Good!


Spicy Fries – russets seasoned with chilies, garlic, cilantro $4.75  So simple yet so good, I love it!!!


Rice Cakes with Crispy Scallion tofu. I was expecting Banh Chung but turns out it’s like onigiri/riceball.

The menu ranged from the more Vietnamese staples to Vietnamese-meets-west fusion dishes. There’s the quintessential selections of Vietnamese baguette sandwiches (Banh Mi), Pho and Congee.


The Chicken Soup Pho (good broth!) and  Slow Roasted Pork Baguettes (with pickles, homemade cilantro-maggi mayo) were also very good quality.

Then there’s the stew dishes:


Beef Stew – Braised with carrots in Vietnamese Five-Spice. They don’t mean it lightly when they said ‘Five spice’ flavors, it’s very aromatic, complex tasting and flavorful! Though the Chinese star anise flavor was a little too overwhelming for me (too liquorice).


Curry Pot Pies with homemade biscuit. This was my most favorite of the night. The biscuit was well made and crispy. The hot stew underneath was spiced with curry. This dish needed 20 min. prep time so order early!


Bread Pudding. Very good~ They should consider opening a side bakery shop.


Almond Jelly. Refreshing, creamy and wonderful! The candied Kumquat was a great touch.

This place has the perfect combine of a great idea + top quality + good execution! I wish it was located at a more accessible (for me) and safer area. The meal made me so happy and full, which means it did its job as ‘comfort food.’ (Thanks Adam for recommending it!)

Good Girl Dinette
110 North Avenue 56 Los Angeles, CA 90042

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6 Responses to “Good Girl Dinette (Highland Park)”

  1. Definitely something wow! The whole restaurant feels and looks special, and their presentations look very nice. I like the curry pot pie and the beef stew.

    I have seen the combination of diner food with an asian twist, but I haven’t seen the combination of diner and Vietnamese cuisine before.

  2. mattatouille says:

    I found Good Girl Dinette to be a pretty interesting place to eat in the area. I think they’ll improve as time goes by. Nice, comprehensive review!

  3. tomoko says:

    wow I’ve never seen such healthy & good looking fries! o(^-^)o
    so simple, yet I neeever would’ve thought of it!!

  4. RJ says:

    I am friends with your cousin who mentioned Good Girl Dinette. I had a dinner to celebrate my birthday there recently. Thanks for writing about it; this one missed my radar.

  5. Nanciful says:

    The fries looks awesome! I usually go to Highland Park only for tacos but now I must try this place!

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