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Olive + Gourmando (Montreal: Old town)

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Continue with our Montreal visit. Next morning we had Brunch at this really popular place at Old Montreal called Olive + Gourmando. It was a rainy morning, though that didn’t lessen the crowd a bit. We had to waited at least 30 minutes for a table.

olive + gourmando
Love the twig chandelier! It was very chaotic inside, for some reason dine-in guests and take-out customers both have to line up and order their food at the counter at the same queue.

olive + gourmandoolive + gourmando
Pretty display of what they have each day. Everything looks so good!

Vero got the Cajun spice guacamole sandwich. Very very good.

Unfortunately I forgot to write down the name of the salad I got. It’s one of the best salad I’ve ever had! Multiple flavors, I’ve never taste anything similar in LA.


Smoked trout sandwich: Smoked trout with capers, tomatoes, spinach and cream cheese with herbs.
It’s too bad that the bread was burned, despite the burn the sandwich was incredibly delicious! The smoked trout were moist and flavorful.

We also got some pastries, all were excellent. The bread looks really good too. Even though our meal was just sandwiches and salad but it was just as satisfying as the gourmet meal the night before. Really good sandwiches and salad should not be underestimate. No place in LA is a match for it. I could go there all the time if it’s in my hood!

Olive + Gourmando
351 Rue St.-Paul West Montreal, Quebec

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One Response to “Olive + Gourmando (Montreal: Old town)”

  1. vero says:

    I wish that this is more in my hood as well. It’s amazing how they still maintain their tight space when they’re doing so well.