August 17, 2004 16

Casbah Cafe (Silver lake)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park


Spent a great day at Silver Lake. We had lunch at Casbah Cafe, a Morrocaan cafe+boutique with a French and Mediterrian-inspired menu…the outdoor and interior is so beautiful, very bohemien and ethnic.


We shared the “Trio Plate”, which consist the Italian salami, Prosciutto and turkey ham, very yummy. They also has the Mediterrean dessert Baclava which I like a lot (a deli nearby IF has it too). The cafe has a little boutique at the back, it has lots of unique clothes and exotic ethnic stuffs (including these water container from Mainland China…gosh when I was little I used to hate them so much whenever I see them at the hotels during family trips to China^^;;)

cute Rabbit penholder

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16 Responses to “Casbah Cafe (Silver lake)”

  1. seat says:

    The cafe looks pretty~~~
    What is poscutiius and Baclava?

    Hey you should take pics of the dress(or you wearing it) and the necklace you bought! Want to see! It is so rare that you actually bought accessories!

    Do the people in the shop really think those hot water bottles from Mainland China are nice???? Weird~~~~

    You know I went to Sri Lanka and bought some gem stones which I didn’t know what to do with, then today I met a jewelery maker through my friends from the gourmet ML, and he is going to make them into bracelets for me. So happy! I am going to give the biggest nicest one to my mom as a present but I think I am going to wear it until I go home. ^^;;

  2. tomoko says:

    hi seat,joan,freda!
    sorry for the late response!
    I was away for OBON for a week and didn’t have
    internet access….
    yeah lets meet up sometimes (^^)
    I live far,far,farrrrr away in Ibaraki
    so maybe weekday after work is better?
    I work in minami-aoyama, so.

  3. Joan says:

    Oh gosh ^^;; it was a typo, it should spelled Prosciutto ^^;;; it’s ham that has been seasoned, salt-cured (but not smoked) and air-dried. The meat is pressed, which produces a firm, dense texture. (copied from dictionary ^^) In the picture it’s the bottom one on the plate. I think it taste really good with brie! As for Baclava, this is how it looks like. It has bunch of crispy layers with honey and nuts in between them.

    Yeah I’m starting to get into accessories now! ^0^ I want to go to Sri Lanka! You should take pix of your bracelets (how about necklace?) and show me too!

    Welcome back Tomoko!

  4. seat says:

    Sometimes I need to check dictionary to find out the English names of the food for my blog too! It is so difficult if the menu is written in katakana translation of French or Italian names.

    I don’t like necklace…because I can’t see it when I am wearing it unless I look into the mirror, which is not often. ^^;;;

    Hey, tomoko, let’s meet up some time!!
    I just went to aoyama yesterday!!
    If it is weekday dinner, then it will have to be a few weeks later when I plan to skip work that day. I work at night you see.

    Someone please give me tomoko’s email.

  5. Freda says:

    You can find Tomoko’s email by clicking her name above, or here:

    Watch the video, very very interesting! HA can’t believe there might be relationship between the dog boom and the independent single women. ^^;; Japanese men are just generally too demanding of the traditional expected wife’s role, they’re behind. One of those “Cherry boys” said “Love is not special anymore,” ha~! how about it’s men themselves who aren’t special (and offer nothing special) nor a “goal” for women anymore? Living with parents, having a job you can tolerate, spend you own money on enjoying luxury things…that’s way of life. But then awhile ago I also read an article written by an independent single women who said she does kinda envy married mothers, and basicaly her conclusion was: “being single kinda a bit suck~~”…she does have good point too 🙁 )

  6. tomoko says:

    I can’t watch the video on my PC!
    can someone give me the URL for it?

    btw it’s soooo HOT in tokyo I’m going insane!!!
    don’t even want to step outdoors to have lunch!
    couldn’t believe my eyeglasses melted the other day cuz of the heat……..

  7. tomoko says:

    oh, and seat, let me know whenever’s good for you 🙂

  8. seat says:

    Thanks for the email! I will write to arrange 🙂

    Look how they call single women “parasite singles”, “loser dogs”…so mean…They are all well-educated and have good career! Of course the ideal is to be “married and happy”, but that is not easy to achieve. And everyone’s definition of “happiness” is different. If you want freedom to do things you love to do, then you must find a guy who is okay with that, otherwise you must either give up your freedom, or give up the chance of getting married. Sometimes you just can’t have everything. I don’t envy all married women, but I do envy married women who have understanding husbands – I know a girl from the ML exactly like that. So siawase. But I pity married women who give up so much for worthless husbands. It is all depending on luck, I realise!!

    tomoko, the link is fine. You need to watch it with Real player, there is no other options…
    It is so hot today! 36C or more!!
    Apparently because of the typhoon, Hong Kong has this whirl of concentrated polluted air permeating the city, so bad that people have to stay at home!

  9. Freda says:

    No way…how can glasses melt??? I don’t believe it~~ that’s crazy!!!

    Get Real Player here, download the free one.

  10. Joan says:

    Hey I wonder if I’ll still be a “parasite single” by the time I’m 30 something. 😛 (hope not, I want to have my own property by that time already…you know, for the tax at least…) Gosh those terms are used by Japanese media? WTF?!
    Totally agree with what you said, right on! As of now I can’t imagine how any guy is worthy enough for me to give up what I like/want.

  11. seat says:

    I’m 30 something and I AM a parasite single. ^^;;;
    Buying houses in U.S. is much cheaper than in HK/Japan though. It is difficult to go travelling or attend dancing classes or have so much fun/luxury in life if you are burdened with mortgage ma.

  12. tomoko says:

    still can’t watch the video!
    I’ve already downloaded real player and everything…..(T_T)
    is it from bbc?
    anyway from what I’ve read, I’m assuming the video is on “parasite singles”.
    hmmmm….interesting topic………
    …wait….oh no! I’m one too!! (haha)
    although I’m hoping to leave home by the end of the year.
    Plus I pay food and rent to my parents!

  13. seat says:

    Yes, it is from BBC, but it doesn’t have an article, only a feature video. The link still works though, I have just tried.

    Try downloading the Japanese version? Go to this page and click musho-ban Realplayer download.

  14. seat says:

    The link didn’t come out!!
    try again

  15. tomoko says:

    thanks, seat!
    but it still doesn’t work….sob sob
    but none of the real time video I’ve tried have worked so far, so I’ll try to fix it someday…

    aahhhhhh so glad it rained today!
    it’s not hot so I can walk outdoors!