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Cluny Artbar (Montreal: old port)

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Cluny artbarcluny artbar

Sorry we’re behind in blogging, gotta wrap up the Montreal entries first. On our last day of Montreal, my friend took us to all the touristy places we missed so we’re back at old town Montreal. She took us to this restaurant/gallery/bar called Cluny Artbar that’s nearby where she used to work at the old port area. It’s inside a converted old industrial building and is super hip. I love the interior a lot, extremely high ceilings, giant window panels, concrete walls and floors…etc. It’s nice that they kept some of walls and ceiling as they were.

cluny artbar
Cluny operates like a cafeteria, we line up with trays and got food from the counter. I got a vegetable plates since I was craving vegetables.

cluny artbar
Freda got a chicken sandwich. It was so-so.

cluny artbarcluny artbar
Very good chocolate mousse and bread pudding.

A cool place to grab a quick meal at the old town part of town that’s near the water. Be sure to take a stroll by the water afterward!

Cluny Artbar
257 rue Prince, Montréal, QC H3C 2N4, Canada

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3 Responses to “Cluny Artbar (Montreal: old port)”

  1. tomoko says:

    haha I like how the chicken sandwich
    is topped with gravity-defying potato? slice! ^0^

  2. Freda says:

    Hey Tomoko

    I think it’s apple? It’s such a pretty sandwich, but the chicken is a bit dry and bland no matter how much stuffs they compliment it with.

  3. patricio says:

    love the chat about the garnish….it is actually a slice of Daikon aka japanese giant radish with a bit of olive oil and pepper.

    as for the other comments about the chicken sandwich they have been addressed and i am hopeful it will no longer be found dry or so-so.