March 15, 2005 4

Nha Trang (Valley)

By in 01: San Gabriel

DSC02567.JPGDSC02568.jpgDSC02573.jpgSuddenly craved Pho so we try a random Vietnamese restaurant. We had ‘err…’ moment when we went inside and saw a Taiwanese boba drink counter. Other than that the place seems good and authentic. ^^;; The Bamboo Shrimp Roll comes with this special egg sauce that’s very yummy. The beef Pho is wonderful: big portion, yummy soup, all kinds of beef parts. Crab Vermicelli noodle. I never try this before so it taste so unique and fresh to me. The soup has lots of tomatos in it, the crab is scramble with eggs. There’s even pig blood in it. Their menu seems to be quite unique, looks of dishes you don’t see in other Vietnamese places. I’ll definitely go back whenever I crave Pho 🙂 It’s cheap too, with 2 drinks in the end it’s about $22 total with tax and tips.

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4 Responses to “Nha Trang (Valley)”

  1. seat says:

    Looks good! The spring rolls look “bloated” with so much ingredient!!

  2. Freda says:

    Now that I’ve been lunching mostly at the west side (toward the beach) since I worked here, I really miss the east side (where we live, toward the mountain) more and more. Even though there’re more ‘hang out’ type of hip/trendy/fancy restaurants, the east side was much cheaper, down-to-earth and got lots of real deal, cheap & authentic Asian food, I’ll save more $$ if I can have them for regular work days lunch. West side is for weekends~~ ^^;;

  3. seat says:

    Really?? Opposite for me. Weekdays I can afford to go lunching in expensive areas like Ginza cos there will be cheap weekday lunch menu even in expensive restaurants. While weekends I will go to cheap areas because they are cheap even in weekends. ^^;;;;

  4. Freda says:

    That’s true, especially most expensive restaurant don’t have lunch for weekends, so the only chance to try them without eating their $$$ dinner is thru weekdays~~