March 17, 2005 4

Octopus (Manhattan Beach)

By in 17: South Bay

DSC02588.jpgDSC02595.jpgDSC02596.jpgDSC02598.jpgWe celebrate the end of the project at this sushi place called Octopus at Manhattan Beach. It only opened at night, and seemed authentic enough. Preston never eat at sushi bar before so I handled all the ordering. If he were to order he’d just get Tuna, spicy tuna, tuna roll…tuna everything. He never had sea urchin, fresh oyster, tamago…quite amusing to watch his reaction. ^^;; The oyster was wonderful~ 😀 The uni was not so fresh though (bitter). I didn’t order sashimi so I can’t judge if they’re fresh. With beers, dessert (mochi icecream, another ‘new discovery’ for Preston), tax and tips, it’s $60 total. Turns out the projects isn’t really over yet, the day after there are tons of urgent changes and it was just crazy. The client suddenly requested more things. So our celebrations was too early, argh…

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4 Responses to “Octopus (Manhattan Beach)”

  1. seat says:

    Ikura, oyster and sea urchin might be a bit too challenging for first-timer?? ^^;;; Did he like them?? What is that pinkish sushi roll?

  2. seat says:

    Oh and you are trying new close-up angles for you pics?? ^^;;;

  3. Freda says:

    Haha I don’t want to ‘sacrifice’ for a newbie, though I gave him plenty of warning for sea urchin (which he ended up didn’t like, and his stomach felt weird afterward…oops…^^;;;;) The pinkish sushi was the spicy Yellowtail~

    Since they’re just regular sushi pictures, so I tried to have ‘dynamic” camera angle and artsy closeup to make them seem more interesting, but a few of them ended up blurry (of sushi that I didn’t put pic up) ^^;;;

  4. seat says:

    Maybe your camera was too close therefore turned out blurry? Can try taking from a distance and use higher resolution and then trim the pic afterwards….too troublesome, huh? ^^;;;;;