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Seattle: Capitol Hill (Part 4)

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DSC02891.jpgCapitol Hill is the hip hometown of Jimi Hendrix (there’s a statue of him there!) It’s quite sketchy and dirty, a lot like Silverlake — lots of hipster bars, cafes, art galleries and hip boutiques (indie brand or hand-crafted) in a rather dirty trashy looking street. Oddly there’s also the Benz and BMW dealers there too. It’s that kind of ironic vibe that hipsters everywhere like. There’re sketchy looking bums walking around harassing pedestrians. There’s also a city college there, hence lots of dorky looking college students around.

DSC02892s.jpgDSC02893.jpgLove this hip gallery ♥. The upper floor is where the actual gallery is, looked down and you’d discover this Mexican wrestler cartoon drawing above the door~

DSC02903s.jpgDSC02896s.jpgDSC02897s.jpgDSC02895s.jpgDSC02900s.jpgI forgot the name of this artist, so cute~♥ My favorite is Pic 1, the Charlie and Chocolate Factory one, that fiendish looking Oompa Loompa is awesome haha~~

DSC02869.jpgBack to downtown area. Random find~ ♥ (ever since I found out how to type ♥ I’d abused it until I get tired of it).

DSC02877.jpgWe went into this boutique that feature the works of this local jewelry designer. They had a party there the day before so they made these cute cookies. I bought a $2xx Mother-of-Pearl necklace for my mother. Vero debated whether she should get this really nice $3xx ring… (she should!)

Anyway here’re some round-up observations (rather limited) I made of Seattle compare to LA:

Less fat and grossly obsese people.

The general people dressed conservatively in muted, dark colors: black, grey, navy and always jeans or cargo pants, sneakers, parka jackets (outdoor), very normal and practical. Dull but easy on eyes compare to the colorful clevage showing, Paris Hilton/Juicy Couture hollywood+beach fashion in open-toed flip-flops/sandals I’ve grown so used to LA.

The stores played indie rock or Bjork or eclectric stuffs like Pink Martini, no rap or hip-hop.

Despite being home of starbucks, they have lots and lots of nice local own non-chain coffee houses.

Lots of French cafes and Thai restaurants.

Majority of French/Italian restaurants are more authentic, unlike the fusion and California-flair dominate here.

Architectures are more European/East Coast feel.

Far far far far less annoying bright color commercial billboards, hence city less trashy feel, more greyish, dull but neat.

Far Far far less huge pole signs of corporate logos like McDonalds (which plagued LA streets every block basically). Of the entire Belltown, there’s only 1 McDonald signs I spotted.

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3 Responses to “Seattle: Capitol Hill (Part 4)”

  1. vero says:

    Until you mentioned about the billboard, I’ve never realized it at all! … also about the fat obese people…
    but, I’ve toned down my color scheme soooo much since I moved here. I was here last summer, and everytime I walked out, I looked so different, so … bright haha.. that’s why I learnt not to attract any unwanted attention. especially if you’re a tiny asian girl… !

  2. seat says:

    Do you think it is safer in walk on the streets of Seattle?? Less harassment maybe?

  3. Joan says:

    Yeah it’s definitely much safer to walk on the street at Seattle since there’re more ppl walking. There are few harrassments at night time but far not as bad as LA (daytime and all).