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Wood Spoon (Downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

I drove by the area near the Eastern Building one day and saw a cute wood spoon sign, I knew that I have to check this place out! Turns out Wood Spoon is a Brazilian restaurant. So we have double Brazilian entries today~

The interior is lovely! Simple, modern homely chic brighten with fresh flowers.

Mix Plate Appetizer coxinha, potato croquette, portuguese croquette, pastel portuguese (dumpling stuffed with shrimp, coconut sauce), kibe (bulgur wheat, mint and ground beef). Most of these are popular Brazilian street food, my favorite was the Pastel Portugese.

Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie with hearts of palm, olives, roasted corn $11. The owner told me it’s from her grandmother’s recipe. The pastry was thin and puffy, and the filling was creamy but light and wonderfully hearty~ I don’t know what they put in the salad but seems like it’s peppered with something sweet (sugar?). The combination of sweet veggie + savory pot pie is addictive.

Beef Brazilian Grill $13. My friend said the beef was very tender and delicious.

Although the grill dish was not as ‘value’ as compare to what you’d get at Pampas Grill‘s, here you would find lovely, carefully prepared meal that feels like straight from mom’s kitchen instead. Other than the good food, the owner is very friendly as well. The place was quiet (on the weekend), quite hidden and charming, definitely my kind of places. I tried to go back there next weekend on a Sunday, unfortunately it wasn’t open.

Edit: Went back to try the Pork Burger immediately here. 🙂

Wood Spoon
107 W 9th St Los Angeles 90015

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4 Responses to “Wood Spoon (Downtown)”

  1. WeezerMonkey says:

    My fave is the pastel portuguese, too! Next time try the pork burger and the fish sandwich!

  2. Gian says:

    Was very nice to meet you today….very cool this blog!
    I got to try this restaurant, its a mix of a typical appetizer menu from brazil kitchen, although you will get the best kibe in Arabians restaurants, in Brazil.

  3. SinoSoul says:

    wait… so it’s NOT open on the weekends? I’m never gonna make it then.. Bah!

  4. Joan says:

    Sinosoul, it’s open on Saturday! It just wasn’t open on the Sunday morning I went, not sure about Sunday dinner.

    WeezerMonkey, we just went back last Saturday lunch to try the fish sandwich and the pork burger, my gosh they’re both sooo delicious!Esp. the pork burger, wow it’s simply amazing!