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Wakasaya (Little Tokyo)

By in 06: Downtown LA

A new seafood rice bowl (donburi) chain from Japan called Wakasaya has opened its first US chain in the Japanese village.


The colorful photos of their bowls are plastered all over the restaurant front. The bowls all looked too packed with yumminess to be true.


I got their most popular bowl (according to the poster on the wall): Uni (sea urchin) + Ikura (salmon roe) + Tuna belly with green onion. With good quality ingredients that’s served in generous amount, you just can’t go wrong! It’s like heaven in a bowl!


Joan got the Unagi (eel) + Uni + Tuna belly with green onion bowl. So good! 

The portion is just right for us. The food is fast, delicious and good quality! I’ll definitely abuse this place for everyday meals if I live/work near it. 

The menu is a thick booklet with eye dazzling amount of choices (different kinds of fish, cooked or sashimi) for customization. The combination seems limitless~ They have hot soba/udon as well.

The rice bowl came with good miso soup. There’s also a bottle of sweet donburi sauce (soysauce + dashi + mirin) on each table for you to season your bowl.

335 East 2nd St 104-106 Japanese Village Plaza Mall Los Angeles, CA 90012

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4 Responses to “Wakasaya (Little Tokyo)”

  1. chrysantha says:

    omg i LOVE UNI.. it is the butter of the sea… UNI MY HEART AWAY! check out my FB ALBUM!

  2. vroom96 says:

    Nice pics. They actually make their food look decent. Unfortunately on a recent visit with a bunch of coworkers, we were sorely disappointed. Portions are small for the price. Had the food been good (or even decent), we wouldn’t have mind so much. Quality of the seafood is questionable based on what we had (and we had a variety of fish). Surprised I didn’t have to run for the bathroom. Glad you had a better experience.

  3. tomoko says:

    whoa, how much does the Uni bowl cost!?
    that is an incredible amount!! @0@
    its nice that it comes as a set, w/ soup and all!

  4. weezermonkey says:

    I want heaven in a bowl!