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Nom Nom

By in 21: Food truck

nom nom truck
Yesterday Jon tipped me that Nom Nom truck would be at my office’s neighbourhood during lunch time. Nom Nom is a food truck that does banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich, one of the most delicious things in the world), but they also serve Vietnamese tacos. Like fellow popular food trucks Kogi and Marked 5, you can track Nom Nom’s route via twitter and facebook.

Cute incorporation of their logo onto the front of the truck!

nom nom truck
I got the Grilled pork Banh mi since the “deli special” was sold out. The grilled pork was delicious but not as flavorful as the ones in SGV’s Vietnamese restaurants. My sandwich also had a little too much pickled radish and carrot for my taste, but that’s an easy fix problem. You can ask for pate in your sandwich too.

nom nom trucknom nom truck

My coworker got the last Vietnamese deli special Banh mi. This is what I normally would get at Vietnamese places. He switched half with mine so I got to try it. Delicious! The Mint and basil lemonade was refreshing.

While the sandwiches are overall smaller in size than the ones you would get at Vietnamese restaurants at SGV or Little Saigon and cost few bucks more, I have nothing to complain since I’m just grateful to be able to eat Banh mi on a work day! My coworkers and I always lament the lack of Banh mi in our neighbourhood (Hollywood) since it’s such a perfect lunch option on a daily basis. It’s cheap, filling and way more delicious than Subway or mediocre sandwiches that’s abundant around the office. I hope Nom Nom would make this their regular spot from now on.

Also one thing that’s noticed by Jon and male coworkers, seems like they always have super gorgeous half-Asian girls work in Nom nom. Something to look out for?

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4 Responses to “Nom Nom”

  1. SinoSoul says:

    Lolz. The Hapas are co-owners…. They can’t be hot enough to warrant 200% banh mi markup vs. my hood tho.

  2. weezermonkey says:

    Nom Nom’s branding is so adorable!

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  4. […] and small in portion, especially with the price which is  slightly higher than other trucks (i.e. Nomnom’s combo: 12″ Sandwich +  1 tacos + drinks cost only $7) . I got hungry in 3 hours too. […]