April 15, 2005 3

Ammo (Highland)

By in 08: Hollywood

Ammo is a healthy “comfort food” place on Highland Blvd. Michelle and co. took me here to sort of celebrate a belated bday lunch. ^_^ Prosciutto Pizza, I never had such pizza before. There’s very little cheese, the crust is those thin types and the prosciutto was good. It definitely taste healthy. I forgot the name of the brown rice thing, it’s not mine but I had a spoon, it taste good and healthy as well!

They have one of the best Arnold Palmer (Lemonade + ice tea) I’ve ever had, the mixture is just right! Turkey Burger, this is Michelle’s. I like the fries. Chocolate truffle cake , they don’t have much choice for dessert, it taste alright.

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3 Responses to “Ammo (Highland)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh the brown rice looks good – I really like broccoli!

  2. Joan says:

    Really? I quite like broccoli too, for some reason broccoli is consider something yucky here in average american public. ^^;;

  3. seat says:

    What?!! “Average american public” never tried my mom’s 西蘭花炒牛肉!!! ^^;;;;