April 16, 2005 2

101 Coffee Shop (Franklin)

By in 08: Hollywood

DSC03243.jpgDSC03245.jpg Cafe 101 is a hipster diner place. The tiny red T-shirt sleeve on the far left of the 1st pix was Vincent Gallo! He was sitting by himself and looking very pissed .. ^^;;; The Grapefruit juice wasn’t very good, too sour and not fresh.

DSC03247.jpgDSC03248.jpg Tuna Melt sandwich, it’s pretty good! It came with fries and you can asked for yam fries (the orange ones) which are qutie delicious! Chili, not mine, doesn’t seems so good. I had pancakes at night here before and it was very blaahh. You really just go here because it’s suppose to be a “hip” hang out that’s open late night.

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2 Responses to “101 Coffee Shop (Franklin)”

  1. seat says:

    What?!!!! Vincent Gallo!!!!! *o*!!!!
    It still amazes me that celebrities can just go to restaurants/shops like normal people in Hollywood.
    Wonder why was he looking pissed off…maybe he was waiting for someone who was late?

  2. Joan says:

    Ha, I guess these places they go to are not tourisy places, it’s mostly locals go there (which is…mostly Holllywood industry ppl anyways), so nobody really care if they’re celeb or not.