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Quintet Bed and Breakfast (Shanghai)

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To try out different neigborhood (and cheaper price), we moved to Quintet Bed and Breakfast, which is located at the historic French Concession area. It’s a slower, quieter and much more low key neigbborhood compare to where we were at JIA. There’re more foreigners live here too (who’re not tourist).

Quintet B&BQuintet B&B
Quintet is converted from a three story 1930s Art Deco house. We stayed at the Joffre room, it’s clean, comfortable and got nice wooden frames. The staffs and owner Fay were very friendly and helpful, we had lots of fun chatting with them.

Quintet B&BQuintet B&B

The 1st floor is an Italian Wine bar called Closed Door, where the B&B guests can get their complimentary breakfast.

quintet breakfast
They only served western style breakfast but it’s with lots of selections. Our photos here didn’t show all of them, but they came with toast, fresh Juice, coffee, side of fruits, yogurt, sausage, bacon or tomatoes, and the choice of Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs, Wild Mushroom Omelet with Herbed Ricotta Cheese, Basil, Olive Tapenade & Goat’s Cheese and French Toast with Berry Compote. All yummy.

Fuxing xi lu
We were already exhausted by the crazy chaotic traffic and never ending construction in Shanghai, so it’s a breath of relief to find these quiet pretty leafy streets to stroll around (such as FuXingXiLu). You can find some interesting surprises along the way, i.e. old historic villas, galleries, hip boutiques, cozy cafe and wine bar.

Quintet Bed and Breakfast
808 ChangLe Rd. Shanghai, China, 200040

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2 Responses to “Quintet Bed and Breakfast (Shanghai)”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    What a lovely bed and breakfast!

  2. Bed and Breakfast hotels are very clean, comfortable and got nice and attractive wooden frames in tourists room. Their staffs and owner Fay were very friendly and helpful, we had lots of fun chatting with them.