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By in 18: Greater LA

DSC03402.jpgIt’s became quite a trend in the office to drink this healthy oragnic drink called “Kombucha”, so out of curiousity I got one to try try. As far as I know you can only get it at organic markets like Whole food or Wild Oats. So according to the label, it’s some sort of handmade Chinese tea that’s delicately cultured for 30 days which supposedly form some nutrients that is very healthy for the body. It supports digestion, immune system, weight control, liver function, anti-again, healthy skin and hair….etc etc, the list go on and on…^^;;; Sound too good to be true? It’s also kind of an energy drink in a way, it wakes you up and give you energy when you’re tired. Well my art director who’s trying to lose weight + quit smoking is even drinking one per day regularly. Taste wise? well it got quite an aquire taste, it almost taste like drinking vinaegar ^^;; Freda couldn’t stand it, I find it ok. They have 3 flavors (original, gingerade, citrus), but they taste the same to me.

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