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Mercantile (Sunset Blvd)

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For the past year my coworkers and I have been eagerly waiting for this place to open because it’s just right down the block from where we work. For months we speculated what it’ll be, a cafe? an expensive sit-down restaurant? Turns out it’s a wine bar + deli called Mercantile. Everyone was delighted as there’s a serious lack of affordable gourmet places in the area. Another mediocre and generic run-of-the-mill burger/sandwich/salad type of place is the last thing we need.


It’s kind of fascinating to see the beautiful yet run down Spanish building that I’ve walked by for years being restored and renovated. They definitely do a good job with the exterior and interior. I went in late afternoon on their official opening day to check it out and they gave us lots of samples to try: Canele, truffle, ice-cream, croissant…etc etc. Everything tasted delicious, particularly the Canele which is not commonly found in this city! The sandwich and salad items on the menu sound very interesting too.


Next day (and basically for the rest of the week) we went back during lunch. It’s “order at the deli counter and get a number” type of system and since they’re still new, things didn’t run smoothly as expected. There’s congestion at the cashier and it took a long time to pay for the food. One time I ordered a soup +  pastry to go and it took forever to just paid for them. And then it took awhile to get the soup because they’re busy making the food for other customers who dine there. I felt like they should have a different system for take-out customers.


The Herbed Cruyere popover was really good. I had it with their daily soups (I’ve tried clam chowder and broccoli and cheese so far, both are really good, gourmet tasting and rich).

merchantile Italian- La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa, Burrata, Peppers in Oil $8.50
I was delighted to see that they have a simple Prosciutto sandwich on the menu since I always have cravings for it (esp. the ones from Larchmont wine and cheese). Their prosciutto sandwich is slightly different due to the different type cheese, peppers and the lack of greens, but I love it just as much. The Baguette has good texture and is in European size.


Reuben Sandwich – Slow cooked corned beef, comte gruyere, house-made special sauce and sauerkraut slaw $9.50
My coworker got this and it was so incredibly delicious that I got it the next day. Multiple flavors in each bite, the beef was good and everything works so well together. Love the sauerkraut slow very much.


The food was served a little slow due to the crowd and there were a few mix up in orders, but the people who work there were being very apologetic about it and gave us a Tuna stuffed bellpepper and cinnamon roll for compensation. What good service!


Hazelnut pumpkin tart – a seasonal special, right amount of sweetness with subtle hazelnut flavor, very tasty.


The Canele are AMAZING! They’re $2.50 each, which is slightly cheaper than the ones at La Brea Bakery and the no longer open Boule. Mercantile’s taste better too. If you haven’t try this small French pastry that has caramelized crust with soft custard center before, give it a try, you’ll be hooked!

I cannot rave enough about this place. Everyone at work was delighted that finally there’s a good gourmet place to go to. The price isn’t exactly “affordable” but it’s not bad either (esp. for the quality you’re getting). They have a different menu for dinner as it function more as a wine bar, so it’s mostly small plates and cheese. Though the Cuban sandwich is available as well as Croque Madame. It’ll be a good place for a glass of wine and some snack after work, can’t wait to try it!


6600 West Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 962-8202

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8 Responses to “Mercantile (Sunset Blvd)”

  1. weezermonkey says:

    This looks marvelous, and it’s not too expensive!

  2. SinoSoul says:

    The good reviews keep coming! Canele + onion soup is enough to lure me in. Might be the best Aboud-Daoud restaurant yet?? Will check out after New Year for sure..

  3. seat says:

    Cuban Sandwich looks good! What is “European size”? ^^;;
    Shall I be looking forward a “complete guide” kinda post for this place while you exhaust its menu? XD

  4. Andrea says:

    surfas (the restaurant supply store & cafe) in culver city also sells caneles. Thanks for writing. I love your blog 🙂

  5. yawen says:

    i went there recently and sad to report, i was hugely disappointed.
    the food was not special and kind of over-priced. the space is nice though. i had been looking to check out this place for weeks due to reviews, etc..

  6. Joan says:

    Yawen sorry to hear that you’re disappointed at the food.
    What did you get?

  7. We received a telephone call from the owner of The Mercantile and we make him a 16′ long x 2′ wide maple butcher block for the deli counter top with food safe finish.
    We came back later in the week and had some Great Tasting and Delicious deli food on this side of the Mississippi !!

  8. towerdeli says:

    Owning a Fort Lauderdale catering business, I am always on the lookout for great places and quality food that I can draw inspiration from. The menu at the Mercantile sounds lovely and the tuna stuffed pepper and desserts they are offering has made me excited about revamping my menu. I like to put my own spin on classic dishes and the dishes at the restaurant all look inviting and scrumptious!