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Beneluxx (Philadelphia)

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During one of my morning stroll around the city, I spotted a speakeasy looking basement joint called Beneluxx Tasting Room. It is actually a wine bar opened by the folks from Eulogy Belgian Tavern. A tempting sounding $34.99 tasting menu was posted in front, I told myself to come back at night.


I came back just early enough to beat the crowd. The dark entry way is easily missed at night (the brightness in the previous photo is purely camera illusion). The interior looks very dive-ish and lively, I love it!


Their wine/beer tasting menu is huge, and cheap!  Each table is equipped with a glass rinser tray where you can rinse your glass for more. You can easily spent a whole night here.


1st Course: Potato and Leek Soup. Fresh and flavorful~


2nd Course: Goat Cheese Tart with Lavender and Caramelized Pear. The goat cheese are homemade. This is so delicious, especially the crust (crunchy and golden)!  Very good!


3rd course: Butternut Squash Ravioli with Rosemary Brown Butter. It’s cooked a bit too al dente for my preference but the flavor is very good (mellow but flavorful).


4th coursre: Chocolate Fondue.

I’m happily full and drunk by the end of the meal. I tasted 1 beer + 3 wine. The food are simple but yummy and sincere. It’s packed but not crazy and mainstream like Amada, and the dive-ish/hidden feeling is charming. You feel like you can relax here and just keep on chatting, drinking and eating.

This seems like a great place to late night hangout after movies/shows for foodies who wanted a step up above bar food too.

Beneluxx Tasting Room
33 South 3rd Street. Philadelphia, PA 19106-2814

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2 Responses to “Beneluxx (Philadelphia)”

  1. emie says:

    so excited! i’m going there tonight! ^_^

  2. tomoko says:

    yeeeah chocolate fondue!!
    nice, big portion, too ^q^