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Zahav (Philadelphia)

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While researching for places to go, I found Zahav, a Middle Eastern tapas place. They have a $36 tasting menu, in which you chose one item per categories: Salad/Hummus, Dairy, Meat, Grilled over Coal, and Dessert. Mouth watered already?  You bet! Heavy snowfall couldn’t stop me from walking few blocks.

When I arrived, I had the option to sit either at the bar or the counter seats facing the open kitchen (divided by glass). Thank goodness I chose the later, as the bar area filled up fast and got very packed.


1st course: Laffa & Hummus. Very good!  I had to resist not overeat this to save my stomach for what’s coming.


Three color garnish. Spicy~


1st course: Eight Daily Salad. These small dishes are all very different tasting and flavorful.


2nd Course from the Dairy section. What a tough choice, as everything sounded so interesting.  Crispy Haloumi – Cypriotic Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Dates & Pine Nuits. Oh my it is SO delicious! The sheep’s milk’e been lightly fried, so it was crispy and chewy. Combined with the dates paste…wow, what a sweet & savory heaven.


3rd Meat course: Kibbe Naya – Raw Ground Lamb, Bulguri Wheat mixed with  All Spice. Another tough choice as everything in this category sounded so tempting. I went for exotic in the end. The tartar-like lamb was not surprisingly not that musky, as it was spiced with many flavors.


4th Coals Grilled course: The Farsi – Lamb trio: Leg, Rib & Tongue with Artichokes and Farro. My GOODNESS this is divine!  The leg and rib are perfectly cooked and seasoned, it’s melt in your mouth good and the tongue is very tender. It’s just lamb lovers’ dream comes true. I love the farro too.


5th Dessert Course: Chocolate Cake with Tehina Frosting and Turkish Coffee Ganache. Taste a bit more normal than it sounds, but still good.

I was blown away by flavors all night, what an enjoyable meal. This is one place I would love go back to Philly for, so I can try the other dishes.

237 Saint James Place. Philadelphia, PA 19106-3936

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2 Responses to “Zahav (Philadelphia)”

  1. tomoko says:

    wow, just the 8 salad plates look really goo and filling!
    I never knew you could eat Lamb raw!!

  2. AnnaGK says:

    This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.