June 2, 2005 2

Edgewater (Niagara Fall)

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wateredge05.jpgDSC03897.jpgThis entry will be the perfect example that sums up all the BAD and OVERPRICED food that pissed you off in the fall area. You have no choice: either starve, fast food, or drive miles away into the country to get decent food. This place is at least one of the cutest place, but just because they have the golden location of the open window view of the fall, they can charge a really really bad and bland entree of tasteless salmon $40 a plate, and $15+ for appertizer. At least I get warmed up by the Monte Cristo: Grand Marnier + Kuhlua + Coffee.

wateredge01.jpgwateredge02.jpgwateredge04.jpgSome seafood cake with salsa sauce appertizer that they charged for $15. Some cajun chicken, and this frozen veggie wrap that was just too gross to eat. I asked the waitress to heat it up for me and she gave me a weird look. After years living in US, I still can’t comprehend the preference of eating cold sandwiches. They felt so lazy and un-prepared, everything’s hard to chew, too cold for taste bud to contact any sort of taste or texture. Yuk!

There was this other one called Table Rock, which locates right next to the Horseshoe Fall. It is even worst and I didn’t bother with pictures. We had no choice because we were starving and needed to standby for the upcoming fireworks show. We protested by ordering only soup (must pissed off the waitress but I feel good). There are many Japanese tourist groups in this restaurants. I saw every Japanese tourist table asked for a bottle of soysauce, I bet they too hated the tasteless, dry and bland food. I can’t believe for a few moment I actually missed food from LA greatly. ^^;;;

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2 Responses to “Edgewater (Niagara Fall)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh my god 40$ for a plate of salmon?!!! Argh, but you had no choice – because tourists have no choice, the restaurants in touristy places can charge however high and cook however badly they want and still get customers…

  2. Joan says:

    exactly, what a nightmare….