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Booday (Taipei: Zhongshan)

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boodayWhen I was in Hong Kong back in October I saw these really cute independent zines called Booday and I selected one for purchase. I ended up regretting not getting more issues because it has a wonderful but simplistic aesthetics – illustrations and photography that feels natural  (see sample pages here). Each issue explores a different theme, most of them related to LOHAS . It makes you want to appreciate all the little things around you and live a “slow” life.

Upon researching I realized Booday not only publish zine, they also design clothing, bags, and there’s also a cafe in Taipei! So I was very looking forward to visit Booday.  It’s actually  just 10 minutes walk from our hotel in Zhongshan, located at an area I like a lot. 1st floor is retail that sells their products, 2nd floor is a cafe and the 3rd floor is their design studio. What an ideal set up!

The 2nd floor cafe is a lovely space, love the mismatch furnitures. There’s a shelf of interesting books and magazine to read.  The big window faces the park with lots of trees so it’s a pretty view. Their menu (written on the chalk board) was not the run-of-the-mill type that’s typical of the Cafes in Taiwan. It changes every day. Their lunch/dinner dishes seems good too (ex: beer beef stew) but we didn’t have the chance to try it.

Chocolate mint tea and good cappuccino

Homemade cheesecake with Blueberry – surprisingly good!

Homemade strawberry tart – the lime zest was a nice touch.

Good drinks and dessert, cozy space with relax vibe, we stayed and read for more than a hour there. If we didn’t have to meet up with a friend we probably would have stay longer. I love their designs in the retail space on the first floor too. Of course I bought back all the old issues  they still carried.

No.18-1, Lane 25, Nanjing W. Rd., Taipei City 103, Taiwan

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3 Responses to “Booday (Taipei: Zhongshan)”

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  2. tomoko says:

    nice interior and magazine!
    I like it way better than the Japanese packaged/ commercialized LOHAS products…^^;

  3. Joan says:

    Japan seems to have lots of cool LOHAS stuffs too though right?